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You know what's sad?

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I know this is a relatively short post and kinda useless but i figure to say this before i forget completely about it. (and my Baby Sister is texting me as i type this)...

ANYWAY.. I was listening to the radio a couple days ago when they were talking about movies and upcoming releases. A small snippet they were talking about Movie 43. Randomly, they yakked about who was in it.... Just say a random list of actors in the movie in your head, only don't add Gerry. When they moved on, i was like "really? no Ger? how rude..."

This was a random tidbit by SilverWolff.

and i deeply apologize from earlier (a couple months ago). i figured to give myself a Gerry break for a while and now, I'm back to normal. Or as close to normal as i can be.


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