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ENDED: B & G Banner Challenge!

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That can't be it though, first they said you had to register, but I got my family to vote, and they didn't have to register, it worked for them. She's just got one naff computer, I suggest the nickname "Christine" in honour of the Stephen King novel.

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I registered a couple of days ago and had no problem to vote.

But I have the feeling that website has some problems. Becasue sometimes you can play the clips and sometimes not.

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Some of the problems are have to do with cached websites in your browsers, if you know how to clean out your cache, that will fix it. Otherwise, here are the direct links to where you want to go:

Banner Page Index:


Non-Animated Banners:


Animated Banners:


Voting Ballot:


If you're still having trouble actually seeing the banners on their specific pages, here are some more hopefully helpful hints:

Try lowering your Security and Privacy settings to Medium. If you have Internet Explorer:


Internet Options

Security (lower to medium)

Privacy (lower to medium)

Click apply then Ok

Then try pressing refresh and disable any firewall/Anti virus programs and refresh again

If you absolutely cannot get it to work, try downloading the browser Mozilla Firefox as this seems to be having no problems.

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