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DVD Review: Chasing Mavericks...an emotionally poignant- but still very manly drama

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Source: http://o.canada.com/2013/02/26/new-on-dvd-week-of-feb-26/#.US0BW1fPIzU

Chasing Mavericks: Three and a half stars out of five — Gerard Butler and Jonny Weston take on the roles of two legendary surfers from Santa Cruz, Calif., in this tender drama based on the real life story of Jay Moriarity (Weston) and his mentor, Richard (Frosty) Hesson. Moriarity was one of the youngest surfers to attempt a giant wave, but his life adds up to more than a Kodak moment in this movie from Michael Apted and Curtis Hanson. Thanks to incredible surf footage captured specifically for the film and a palpably pure heart, Chasing Mavericks overcomes every sport cliché to deliver an emotionally poignant — but still very manly — drama about two lost souls who found balance in the midst of chaos. Special features include audio commentary with Apted, deleted scenes, Live Like Jay, Surfer Zen, Shooting Waves, trailer and more.

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Got my copy From Amazon today. Had to watch it this evening. The extras were pretty good. However, with Gerry around I'm sure there were bloopers, alas, no bloopers in the extras. I have seen Chasing Mavericks before, but the ending still makes me cry. *sniff*


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I watched the Chasing Mavericks DVD with the commentary by two of the producers and one of the directors. They mentioned Gerry at least a dozen times and said some interesting things about him. They repeated something a couple of times that really surprised me since I had never heard anyone mention this. I won't spoil it and tell you want they said but I think it's worth watching.


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