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New UK One Sheet for OHF

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Exclusive Olympus Has Fallen UK Poster

If you're day has been a little light on explosions, that's all about to change.

The UK poster for the forthcoming action-thriller Olympus Has Fallen has surfaced and it's pretty spectacular.

The film is helmed by Training Day's Antoine Fuqua, features an ensemble cast comprised of Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman, and revolves around a disgraced Secret Service agent endeavouring to rescue the President from terrorists.

Olympus Has Fallen hits screens on March 22nd in North America and April 17th in the UK.


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Just saw the new poster. It is so verrry good. Good feeling about this movie and the lovely group of stars that are in it. Bless him, he's about due! My daughter's husband is looking forward to it! (My son-in-law can't remember Gerry's name) The conversation at breakfast, went something like this. He said "Saw that movie Playing ?something with that guy you like. Do you know when the DVD is coming out? Saw a preview that he's in about the Capital. I want to see it. Looks like a good one" This is from a retired policeman! P.S. He's never talked like this before. He usually makes fun of me.

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