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Gerard Butler GALS

How tall are we?


Height Check!  

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  1. 1. If you don't know exactly, give your closet guess.

    • 4'9" or shorter
    • 4'10" - 4'11"
    • 5'0" - 5'1"
    • 5'2" - 5'3"
    • 5'4" - 5'5"
    • 5'6"- 5'7"
    • 5'8"- 5'9"
    • 5'10" - 5'11"
    • 6'0"
    • 6'1" or taller

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5 FT 1 3/4" Never quite made 5Ft 2" eyes of blue, but the eyes are

certainly blue. It only bothers me when I want to reach something on

the top shelf at the grocery store and have to ask some tall man to

reach for me. I even had one pick me up one time so I could reach.

Scared me half to death. I'd like to see him try that now, HAHAHA.

My best friend all through life is 6 Ft. I was 3 Ft 5" when we met and

she was already 6 Ft. I weight 35 lbs. and she weighed 230 lbs.

We got Mutt and Jeff all through school and college, but we are

forever friends and I love her like a sister.

Gerry would have to bend down to hug me too. I'm sure he gets'

that a lot with him being so tall.

Love him absolutely,


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I am 5 ft 7/1/2 inches so I say 5'8". I always was the tallest of my friends and I felt tall till my 2 sons got to be 6'3" and I had to stand on tip toe to hug them. Hmmm I would have to do that for Gerry too, wouldn't I? :whome2::love:


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Hi kiddies! I´m 5'8", I like it, but I wish I was taller.

I wish I was like you. I'm 5"11 and I hate towering over my friends. I wish I was confident enough to pull off my height.


Posted Image

Oh Stephanie, 5' 11" is Brooke Shields´ heights, and you don´t like it? It´s exacly how tall I wish I were... Being 5' 8" I always wear high heels in social events, then I get to your height, and I just love it! People turn their heads to look at me when I arrive, it´s so cool. While short women do anything to draw attention, I don´t need to do anything, just "exist", treat the ground and walk around the place. I feel powerful and feminine being tall, that´s why I wish I was taller. Tall is beautiful, enjoy what you´ve got !Posted Image

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I think I already posted on this thread but I would like to add that I had a six foot four Daddy and a five foot one Mom, one Granny was over six feet and the other one was under five feet tall. I'm somewhere in the middle of all the madness!


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I've been 5ft. 3in. since I was 12 yrs old. Although I have been told that I seem taller while being bossy. I like to think of it as being confident enough

to know what everyone should be doing. Posted Image

My husband is 6ft. 1in. tall, my son is only 15 and already that height also. One of my BFF is a guy who is 6ft. 5in. tall! I tell people I keep them around just to reach the things that are up too high!

But my favorite sleep shirt says it all..."I'm not short, I'm fun-sized!" Posted ImagePosted Image

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