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Gerard Butler GALS

My heart is broken!


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I am so devastated right now it's hard for me to write this. My heart has been wrenched from my body! One of my beloved Corgis, Jack, passed away early this morning from heart failure. I didn’t even know he was sick! He was only five years old!

I am sitting here right now and the warm, furry body that usually crowds my legs under my desk is gone! I hate the cold way it feels to move my legs around with ease, to not be able to scratch him behind the ear with my big toe and get a wet kiss on my ankle! I am so heart broken that it hurts! How do you get over this?

I just lost two dogs, one a week ago from old age and chronic illness and another one in October. Bo was seventeen and died the night I saw Chasing Mavericks! I came home late and went to check on him. He looked like he was just sleeping. I sat down by his bed and cried for an hour. He was still warm.

So when they leave us it leaves that horrific void even though it was their time to go! Loosing three in such a short time is so painful that I can’t put it in to words! And then loosing one you don’t expect to go is devastating!

So my GALS of the heart, please say a little prayer for me right now because I need your support and positive energy. I feel like my spirit is broken. I don’t have a big family and my animals have always been the loves of my life and my constant comfort!

“Rest in peace, my wonderful and lovely angel, Jack! You brought light to my dark days and laughter to my sore heart when I needed it the most even in the short time I knew you! I will always love you forever.”


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Believe me when I say...so many of us here have been through this...and to see another one of us experiencing such loss...we not only know what you feel, but grieve also with you...I have a little Corgie /Chihuhua mix sleeping under my desk keeping my feet warm right now...my heart is broken for you...I do feel your pain...the most unbearable sadness.

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I am so sorry, Delene. Like Debrasue, I've also lost many beloved pets over the years. The losses to old age, long illnesses are hard to take, but the sudden, unexpected ones are even worse. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Believe me, I know how you feel.

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Dear GALfriend,

My heart goes out to you in your pain and grief. What a hard thing to have to endure happening so close together. Mere words are not enough but know that we do share in your sadness for your great loss.

Sending you warm hugs,



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Delene...My heart is hurting for you because I have been there, like you are now. But, that doesn't help you, I know. My first dog, that was all mine, I bought at 18. She was a beautiful German Shepherd. I had her for two years until the Vet told me she had hip problems that would give her horrible pain and there was nothing that they could do for her. I had to make the decision to put her down. She was a very big dog but slept with me every night from the time she was 8 weeks of age. I know what it means to have an animal so close to you that when they are gone you feel the void around you. It is almost unbearable. I have had two Westies since I was married and both died from cancer at age 23. The pain after losing my first Westie was helped by getting a second Westie right away. When I lost the second little guy 23 years later I knew I wouldn't be getting another dog because we have to travel so much now to see family and we travel between two homes now. I can tell you that I'm still not over losing my last love. My advice to you is to take the love you have in your heart for those you have lost and give your love to another as soon as you can. It is the only way to heal your pain. Your beloved dog would not want you to suffer his loss, instead cherish the time you had with him and the others you were blessed to have. Keep their memories alive with happy thoughts of them. When the time is right, love another.

~HUGS~ Kathy

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I know too well this pain, - sending you warm hugs from afar and prayers that your heart will mend with the many good memories.

I read a story about an old native american and his dog when I was a child but sadly cannot find the book right now...

It helped so at sad times. I found something else that hopefully will give you a wee bit of comfort:

Dog Heaven

When dogs go to heaven, They don't need wings

Because God knows that Dogs love running best.

He gives them fields. Fields and fields and fields.

When a dog first arrives in heaven, he just runs.

Dog heaven has clear, wide lakes

Filled with geese who honk and flap

And tease. The dogs love this.

They run beside the water and bark

And bark and God watches them

From behind a tree and smiles.

There are children.

Of course.

Angel children.

God knows that dogs love children more than

Anything else in the world, so he fills Dog

Heaven with plenty of them. There are children

On bikes and children on sleds. There are

Children throwing red rubber balls and children

Pulling kites through the clouds. The dogs

Are there, and the children love them dearly.

And, oh,

The dog biscuits.

Biscuits and biscuits

As far as the eye can see.

God has a sense of humor, so He makes His

Biscuits in funny shapes for His dogs. There

are kitty-cat biscuits and squirrel biscuits.

Ice-cream biscuits and ham-sandwich biscuits.

Every angel who passes by

Has a bicsuit for a dog.

And, of course, all God's dogs

Sit when the angels say "sit."

Every dog becomes a good

Dog in Dog Heaven.

God turns

Clouds inside out to

Make fluffy beds for the dogs

In Dog Heaven, and when they

Are tired from running and

Barking and eating ham-

Sandwich biscuits,

The dogs find a cloud

bed for sleeping.

They turn around and

Around in the cloud.

.. until it feels just right,

and then they curl up

and they sleep.

God watches over

Each one of them

And there are no bad dreams.

Dogs in Dog Heaven

Have almost always

Belonged to somebody

On Earth and, of course,

The dogs remember this.

Heaven is full of memories.

So sometimes an angel will walk a dog

Back to Earth for a little visit and quietly,

Invisibly, the dog will sniff about his old

Backyard, will investigate the cat next

Door, will follow the child to school, will

Sit on the front porch and wait for the mail.

When he is satisfied

That all is well, the dog

Will return to Heaven with the angel.

It is where dogs belong,

Near God who made them.

The dogs in Dog Heaven who

Had no real homes on Earth

Are given one in Heaven.

The homes have yards and porches and there are

Couches to lie on and tables to sit under

While angels eat their dinners.

There are special bowls

With the dogs' names on them.

And each dog is petted and reminded

How good he is, all day long.

Dogs in Dog Heaven may stay as long as

They like and this can mean forever.

They will be there when old friends show

Up. They will be there at the door.

Angel dogs.

by Cynthia Rylant

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Delene my thoughts are with you at this sad time, My daughter Mandy rang me yesterday morning with the sad news that one of her beloved dogs, Holly had to be put to sleep, they knew something was wrong but didnt realise how serious it was, the vets did some blood work and asked her to bring Holly in next morning, the news was very sad and poor Holly had to be put to sleep, She rang me and she couldnt speak for crying, I knew it was one of the dogs, I was crying with her and unknown to her I still am, it is so sad when a beloved pet dies, they are part of the family, in some cases they are the family.

My heart goes out to you Delene and I pray you find peace, Jack will forever be in your heart and you will have great memories of him.



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I am so sorry for your loss Delene; we lost our beloved cat Bunny last May as we had noticed a slight lump under his eye/ beside the nose. I made an appointment that day and took him in thinking that it was only a sinus infection..after further examination by the Vet; she announced that it was cancer which had already invaded his upper mouth and was pushing one of his fangs out!With no other option and with much sadness on our part; we chose to have him put down to avoid the inevitable and any pain which followed. Bunny had two brothers; one was obese and had to be put down due to stomach cancer..now we have Piccolo; the third from the same litter that was born in 1998. Today he is 15 years old and so skinny and wobbly that we fear he will die at any time now. He also suffers from some kind of dementia since he is started doing things he would NEVER have done in the past...He gets up on his bed and stands there just turning around and around as if he can't decide if he should lay or jump off..He eats things that he has never liked in the past; even drinking (without my knowledge)my green tea and herbal tea right out of my cup! My husband told me that he has caught him several times doing this; then dumping the remainder in case I came back and drank from the same cup...Don't get me wrong; I love my cats but not enough to share the same tea cup with...but I digress...Yes dear friend; I know how you feel at this moment and also know that there is no other pet that can take it's place...they are one of a kind in our hearts and memories...God speed little Jack..Take care dear Delene...Hugs May

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I just want to thank you all so much for taking the time to post to me. I am still in so much pain but hopefully little by little, I will soon feel better.

This has really kicked me in the gut and I've loved and lost many of by beloved furry children over the years but this one has especially gotten to me! I think it could be because I'm so vulnerable right now with loosing the two others so recently. I've got three empty dog collars!

I came in to the bedroom last night and Jack's favorite tennis ball was in front of my chair. It had been misplaced but there it was lying there waiting to be tossed across the floor! And this morning, his favorite teddy bear was sitting in a position with his face covered by it's floppy arms, almost like it was weeping, where he sat next to my desk. I know it all sounds silly and just coincidental but it is the constant reminders of the void that is left behind in my heart or maybe just that I hope and believe the spirits of those lost to us remain around us!

I heard a news story last night about the medical validation of "broken heart syndrome", how the heart keeps beating on the top but actually changes shape at the bottom of it. I wonder how much a heart can take and how many times it can break?

I'm so sorry to be such a downer but if anything else, it helps me to write down my feelings with people I KNOW care about them and can relate to what I'm going through. When something like this happens and you are unprepared and you don't have many around you who share in your kind of grief, it really takes the wind out of your sails!

So thank you all so very much for sharing your own stories, the lovely poem and kind supportive words from the bottom of my broken heart.



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*hugs softly* You can vent today and all days, dear Delene. We are here to hear you.

We are many who can look back at beloved friends lost and also the shocking unexpected losses are too many.

After such recent blows no wonder this bolt from the sky one hurts so so much...

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Dear Delene:

I have not lost 3 dogs but I did have to put down my 16 1/2 year old Jack Russell terrier last year.

She had been my traveling companion, my protection, my love and part of my fun. It was sobbing sad!

After time though, I realized that I had been her companion, love,fun, playmate and her protection too.

This comforted me and sometimes when I'm between awake and asleep, I feel her put her head under my right hand.

I'm saying this because so many animals have none of these things but you provided ALL these things to your

three dogs for years. Whether you were there or not when one passed away, they knew they were loved and even a person can't as for more than that!

Take care, little love. Pat

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I just wanted to stop in and thank you all so much! Your kind words of support have really helped me through this! As I said before, I've been through this many times but never has it gotten to me so profoundly as it has this time.

I do feel better today and life goes on, as it must. I think the shock phase of it has passed and now all that is left is just the slow grieving process.

To listen to me talk, you'd think I'd lost a child but you have to understand that my animals are my children, as they are for many of you, and some of them come along are so special and once in a lifetime.

I think one of the hardest things was that Jack embodied three other beloved dogs I'd had and lost over the years and had come to me by way of my sis's business. He was a dog of one of her clients who could not keep him and I had turned her down once. So he went to another home, then back to the original again then I took him on and I was so fortunate to have finally accepted him. He fit in so perfectly here!

Jack had the exact markings of another Corgi that was lost in 2007 to a terrible accident, the stoic and proud and gentle personality of another Corgi lost to cancer in 2003 and then the playfulness of a Fox Terrier who passed in 1996 at the ripe old age of 19 who would jump at the water from a hose and bark at the noise of a vacuum cleaner! It was as if their spirits landed in him and were re-born. But I guess if you have enough canines go through your life, the similarities are bound to show up.

So again, hugs back to all of you and warm thank you's for being there for me!



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