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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry on Howard Stern Show Mar 11, 2013


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Didn't pick up on this sooner:

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Gerard Butler returned to promote his new film, 'Olympus Has Fallen,' and immediately had to explain why he was Barbra Streisand fan: "Everything about her. I grew up with Barbra Streisand. … She was the s**t." Later, Gerard hinted that his public statements had a clandestine motivation: "Let me be honest. There was kind of a reason..."

Gerard said he was always surprised at the number of tabloid reports about his personal life: "I'm not always innocent, but the stuff that I hear, sometimes I'm like, 'Really?'" Robin asked if Gerard had any children floating around, so he laughed: "Apparently not! I almost felt that--when '300' came out and was a big success--I was waiting for a call. But I didn't hear anything."


Asked about entering rehab shortly after his last visit, Gerard said he'd been taking vicodin for back injuries he'd sustained on set: "I wasn't really getting high. … By the time I went into rehab, I really wasn't doing that many." His doctor, a Qigong healer, did wonders: "He barely touches you. They go by energy lines."

Gerard also encountered this "energy" on a trip on India: "Coming back from India, after getting all that energy put into you--I know it sounds crazy--I started getting really--feeling very strange. … I started getting faint when I'm standing up." He eventually collapsed at a press junket, his heart rate pounding at 178 beats per minute "because of all that energy."


Asked about his girlfriend, model/actress Madalina Ghenea, Gerard beamed: "I'm in deep like. She's amazing." The pair met at a gallery in NYC: "I said, 'Let's go walk the Brooklyn Bridge, but first let's go to my place and get jackets.' … We never made the Brooklyn Bridge." She obliged, but they actually didn't hook up that night--Gerard, a hat collector, said they just had fun "trying on hats." The hat-play translated to real passion: "We've had our moments. She's fiery."

Gerard hoped to one day settle down and put the spoils of fame behind him: "When you've had that for a few years, honestly, it loses it's appeal. I've been such a bad boy in my life, and there's times where you go, 'This is fun, but it's the same old, same old.'"

Source: http://www.howardstern.com/rundown.hs

3/11 - Video Clip of Gerry on Howard Stern chatting Brandi G

We'll post link to audio as soon as we can find a 'source' Posted Image

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There is a YouTube video of a segment of this show. Gerry talks about Brandi Glanville. I don't think I am allowed to post it here so search for it on YouTube.

~HUGS~ Kathy

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