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Olympus Has Fallen is One Wild Ride!

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"Watching this action adventure is the equivalent of a turn on one of the world’s scariest roller coasters with a release of adrenaline and dopamine that makes us feel frightened, shocked, giddy and intensely alive"

and Sheri's commentary and insights on the film, social media marketing and promotion, Gerry and...

well, just go read it! :D

Olympus Has Fallen is One Wild Ride!

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Now it all makes sense why you don't see critics talking about this movie. The "people" have been given the critic's hat and they have decided this movie is well worth the price of a ticket. Critics have become way too powerful. They can make or break a movie before it even comes out. With social media the way it is today it makes sense to let the people assess the movie through free screenings and pass on by word of mouth how good it is. The critics would have become political where as the people would have judged it for the entertainment value. Once the word gets out, and it is very favorable, then the critics can't destroy it through their bias political thinking. I hope this is the way they introduce movies in the future. Movies like MGP and "Chasing Mavericks" would have done better at the box office if the people had seen it at free screenings before it came out. It was obvious that MGP did very well at the Toronto Film Festival screening but the critics and Hollywood politics destroyed it.

~HUGS~ Kathy

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