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3/18 - GERRY answering OHF Questions LIVE on Reddit:


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GERRY answering OHF Questions LIVE on Reddit: http://redd.it/1ajkso

EDIT: Thank you so much to everyone who has stopped by, there have been some amazing questions and Ricky and I have enjoyed answering them. Now we both gotta go and kick some arse. We have the Olympus premiere tonight, I haven't been this excited for a premiere in a long time, and the movie opens on this Friday. We'd love for you guys to go and check it out.

RICKY: Gerry can take the lead now.

Thank you!

A copy & paste sampling of q&a for more go to the link above Posted Image

Awesome! I'll have questions relating to this more than about Mr. Butler's career, since that's what everyone else is focusing on.

  • What are the most and least realistic scenes in Olympus has Fallen?
  • Did you have to consult with the Secret Service on what protection actually exists?
  • Were you required to change anything in the movie for security purposes?
  • Did the writers have to dream up what protection is available to the President?
  • Was there any real-life events that inspired that tactics either for the Secret Service or the attackers?

[–]gerrybutler[S] 13 points 19 minutes ago

1) The most realistic scene - or character to me - is Gerard Butler's character. He took on the character, the courage, and the heart of what every Secret Service agent has - and he really honored the Secret Service with his acting ability.

2) No - I know what already exists. Mr Fuqua had one Secret Service agent - and I think Gerry worked with him as well - to work with those guys who are still active today.

3) There were more things that we couldn't tell in the first place - so we couldn't reveal anything that was classified. It is the White House, and it is where the President lives, so we are not going to reveal anything that is classified, top secret, or would jeapordize the White House.

GB: Ricky was on set with us every second of every day - advising and encouraging - and we used a LOT of his ideas, and trying to make Banning's journey through the White House more informed, fascinating - he brought up the idea of psychological counterterrorism - the cat & mouse game with the villain - which is something we always wanted to bring in, different tech we could bring into the movie - what are the strategy and tactics used by the Secret Service - and firstly, arming yourself, assessing enemy capabilities, what's the purpose, establishing outside lines of contact with the crisis room, and starting to neutralize the threat. But what Ricky said before really made me think - when he started to talk about the heart that I brought to Banning - because that's what I got, especially from Ricky - because you can learn all the information, and the expertise that they may have, but at the end of the day, when you're talking to someone who has lived this and engaged the enemy, even been wounded by the enemy, is what you see in their eyes and in their soul when they talk about the performance of their duty. And that's what I took into Banning's character, was this incredible courage and commitment and this kind of protection of the president & the people of this country - how those ideals seem to pump through their blood. And that when they talk about the enemy- those who would hurt them, or those they protect, or innocent people, that you could see this gleam, this danger in their eye. And that, to me, is the crux of this movie, because when this happens, this attack, it's so appalling and horrific and shocking, that we need - the audience - needs satisfaction and payback. And if I can go as far in saying that in situations when this happens, there's a certain amount of emotional satisfaction that they get from essentially kicking the bad guys' arse. Because this is really good against evil.

4) Ricky again - Rothenberger and Benedict, they're historians and they did a lot of research on this when they wrote the script. They did a lot of research on what was available to the Secret Service - there is very little out there, but there are photos, there's the oath that they take to the Constitution, and they got those things right in the script.

GB: But there's also specific things that people do - like how they look - that can't be written in the script - how they move, and those would be things I would go to Ricky for. Like how do I turn this corner, or how do I relate to my men, what's the attitude, what's the posture - even the camaraderie - those are things you don't necessarily get in the script - you could either always ask those more specific questions that helped put the meat on the bones of the script, and that an audience can relate to and engage with, to Ricky. And that's the value of having an expert there. Or just to tell you that what you're doing is working. Encouragement, which is always a good thing. because it's a big responsibility to try to play a Secret Service agent and being convincing.

5) No - this is a work of fiction. Some of the things we created in the attack on the White House were things that I have dealt with in the past, but on foreign soil.

GB: Some of the genius of the movie is the simplicity of the plan. In 9/11, they used boxcutters and changed the world.

RICKY: They used our own aircraft as missiles.

[–]TheDuskDragon 28 points 58 minutes ago

Thanks for doing an AMA! That said, I have two questions for you:

  • How did you prepare to take on the role of King Leonidas in 300? (i.e. What was your diet and workout routine like?)
  • How was your experience working with Morgan Freeman in the upcoming movie Olympus Has Fallen?

[–]gerrybutler[S] 58 points 40 minutes ago

1) For King Leonidas - my preparation was the most preparation I've ever put into any role because i promised the head of Warner Brothers that if I did this movie, I would make him so proud and make the character - Leonidas - look good and be the most badass character. So from there it was four months of training, sometimes 6 months a day, with doing the '300' workout but also with my own bodybuilder and then 2 hours a day with the stunt guys learning very specifically those fight techniques and the choreography of the fight sequences. And then the diet - I could go on for hours, but let's just it was a nightmare. It was high protein, healthy fats like avocado, low carbs. Brown rice, cupcakes (just kidding), a lot of vegetables, way too much chicken and tuna, protein shakes until they were pouring out my ears.

2) My experience - the day Morgan said yes to the role was a great day for all of us. The day he turned up on set, there was such an electricity in the atmosphere, everybody was so excited that God had come upon us. He was so charming and easy and never asked for anything, was always happy and nice to people - and then would just turn on his character and gave this fantastic, human, powerful yet vulnerable performance that I think people are going to love in the movie.

Is Morgan Freeman's voice as captivating in person as it is in the movies?

[–]gerrybutler[S] 39 points 30 minutes ago

It's MORE captivating in person (Morgan's voice, that is). When Morgan came up on set to say hello, I had met him once before but had forgotten about how tall he was - and he's such a charismatic, captivating presence. And he walks up, and he's right in your face with a big smile, and a warm hello, and a strong handshake, and you know he's arrived. And that's why he creates such electricity on set.

My favorite actor to work with? Tough question because I have been very blessed in how many great actors I've worked with - in fact I'm sick of making movies that say Oscar Winner Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler, or Oscar Winner Angelina Jolie and Gerard Butler, or Oscar Winner Morgan Freeman and Gerard Butler... one day they'll say winner of the High School Karaoke competition Gerard Butler.

No I did win a few Karaoke competitions but not in High school. I won some raffles in High School though. But I'm just trying to make myself sound better than I am.

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How often do people scream lines from 300 at you?

<a href="http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1ajkso/i_am_gerard_butler_amaa/#" class="expand">[–]gerrybutler[S] 47 points 40 minutes ago

Probably once a day. I actually don't mind it - I don't like it if I'm in a place with a lot of people around like an airport - then they scream the line and you're stuck in line with a thousand people staring at you. But to be honest, I love that people feel so passionate about it. That, to me - the best thing as an actor is to do a role that people don't forget and they get excited about and they want to shout that excitement out to you when they see you.

[–]MrLister 7 points 53 minutes ago

What did you take away on a visceral/personal level from your experience surfing at Mavericks?

[–]gerrybutler[S] 17 points 43 minutes ago

You know, when I started surfing, I suddenly felt being out in the water or just contemplating things, it opened up a whole new world to me. Then when I got out to Mavericks, that world was blown apart and it opened up a whole new universe. It was one of the most exciting, scary, inspiring things I ever did, being around that danger and that power, surrounded by guys who very quickly became heroes of mine - the best surfers in the world.

[–]shennentel 6 points 52 minutes ago*

Long time fan. Love your work. Here's my question, which character would you say you had the most and least in common with? If you weren't an actor, what do you think you would be doing?

<a href="http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1ajkso/i_am_gerard_butler_amaa/#" class="expand">[–]gerrybutler[S] 4 points 8 minutes ago

I probably had the most in common with with either Mike in THE UGLY TRUTH or (and I don't mean on the same level) with Leonidas, in terms of the passion and determination that I use in my life. And Leonidas also because of the values that he had, that I've always aspired to - not that I have them, but I always have aspired to them, and I had a mythical understanding of what those values were -so when I was playing him, I felt like I was channeling him. I would meditate, and it was my mandate in the movie that I had to do him proud, and tell his story in such a way that it would live on forever.

And in a way for this movie, I tried to do the same - spending time with Ricky, that you see that these guys are the un-sung heroes of America - and then you take that as a motivating factor, and you think "I want to do justice to their story, to what they do, not just in the performance of their duties, but to their training and the preparation that they have to do to be able to perform at that level." And I really got that from Ricky, because you could see how proud and excited he was about the fact that people were telling the story of Secret Service agents and what they do for real - and I was surprised by how few (as Ricky would say, GOOD) stories have been told about the Secret Service.

RICKY: From my perspective, this movie is more about who you are because of the discipline - you get up at 4 AM to train, you are out there at 120 degrees, and you trained and trained, you got beat up by the stunt guys, and beat up you still showed up day after day. You came in bruised and beat up, and gave it your all. It was 122 with the heat index and humidity, they had to change his shirt 3 or 4 times to shoot the scene - everyone else was ready to pack up and quit, but you had that dedication and discipline to stay out there and shoot that scene. That's the kind of dedication the Secret Service has, and Gerry did that - so knowing you and knowing what the job is.

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That is one great interview! After seeing the movie last night, I can see how well Gerry learned to fulfill the shoes of Mike Banning. The best part was him kicking butt of the terrorists. Everyone in the theater clapped and howled!

The rest of the actors are all amazing.....you just have to pray that it never happens in the real world and it's only a movie you are watching!

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