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Gerard Butler GALS

BBC Radio 1 - Scott Mills Vid & Photos

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That was hilarious! Gerry looked like he was having a blast!

sue grint - gbutts greatest London fan - I thought this was hilarious and I cant stop watching it. its like a naughty little schoolboy prank. its so funny. it cheers me up no end on such freezing horrible weather we are still having here in London.

I went to gerrys premiere at the imax wed. evening. it shows how much I love gbutt as it was freezing and this was the 7th time ive met him. he keeps coming over in the cold weather, and hasn't been over here in the summer since the ugly truth, which I reminded him of. mine you, when he turned up the cold just didn't matter anymore as hes such a lovely warm person and has time for all his fans, and spent a lot of time outside talking to us all. well done gbutt.

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