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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome (GALS) continued


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Try this one www.csfg.org.au - Winds of Change is on sale for only USD $4.99 plus postage. I don't have a story in the 'Next' anthology.

Dragonfly is a sci fi story :-). If you get it I would love to hear what you think of it. It's quite different to 'Hobnails in Heaven'.

Just returned from my local writers group. We are fomenting revolt and writing books (as opposed to short stories). One of our local female doctors is writing erotic fantasy and we read it chapter by chapter - need a fan to read it ... hot! The revolt is that we are the group that meets in the evening and are a much younger profile. The day group consists of delightful people but many are over 70 and would not handle the sometimes 'hot' discussions LOL.

Anyway ladies, have a good day/night.



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Cat, what an adorable little boy!!!! What a great age too!! ENJOY!! They grow up so fast too!

Hi Andrea!!! :wave: Come back more often!!!!

Elissa, Good news all around! You will love retirement. Nice to have the flexibility in your life to do what you want to, when you want to.

~HUGS~ Kathy

Yes, he's a great kid. Sooo much nicer at this age than his Mama LOL. But then, I'm not sleep deprived or worrying about daycare or anything. I can just enjoy him, love him and when it get's hard, leave it to his Mama :-). Actually, his Mama is bipolar and was already showing signs of hyperactivity at one. Elliott is calm, cute and loving, can keep himself occupied for ages and just love crawling all over me as I sit on the floor with him. However, his cousin Ashlyn is also a cutie pie. Her parents don't take as many photo's so I have to wait to take them myself.

Hmmm... me thinks I be one-eyed, argh!

Welcome back Andrea!

I so hope retirement turns out to be fun for you too Elissa.

I've made up my mind to finish my novel over the next 10 weeks. I have two more chapters to write then on come the overalls while I 'polish my turd' so to speak. That always is the hard slog about writing. Fun writing then the work comes when you have to make sure it's worth reading.

Love to you all


I read one of Cat's short stories and it was fantastic!! I can't wait for the novel.

Cat, what was the name of the anthology where your story appeared? I can't remember.

Andrea, so nice to see you back, you too, Cat!

Weather is fabulous here. So sorry some of you are still having snow. Spring will come, honest!

Sending massive hugs to all!


thanks ya'll...sorry I've just been so insanely busy,well for a long time.Because I was in school full time,I'll be back doing that this next semester.And right now,something has come up with my kids and there will be a trial starting next Friday to determine my ex's fate and my getting full custody of my kids forever.I've had full custody since October. I have one boy testing for the gifted program and one testing for dyslexia. So...I'm tired lol

Cat-he's a cutey! My sister is pregnant and everytime I see babies/cute toddlers I get baby fever lol

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