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Most Attractive Man Hello poll


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HELLO! The place for daily celebrity, fashion and beauty news


Who do you think was the most attractive man on our site last week? Vote now for your choice!

The week's winner will be included in a monthly poll and the monthly winners will be entered in a Grand Finale at the end of the year.

Please note that you are only allowed to vote once every 15 minutes

Thanks for your vote!

1309 votes for Gerry

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GB vote is at 1371 and Buble's is at 1425. One instruction says you can vote every 15 minutes and below that it says you can vote every 10 min. !? So far these 2 or the only close race. You know GBs Gals can help him beat that easily. (I think. :)) We can try and see. Let's give it a go. Mmmm

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