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A Hollywood tough guy who's the real deal. Hardcore Scotsman Gerard Butler tells ShortList's Andrew Lowry about breaking his neck and holidays in the wilderness He's taken on African warlords, the Persian Empire and the combined might of Hilary Swank and Katherine Heigl, but right now Gerard Butler is taking on his riskiest assignment yet. Olympus Has Fallen casts the 43-year-old former trainee lawyer as a secret-service agent who finds himself the last man standing when a North Korean terrorist attack all but wipes out the White House. It's big, spectacular and a lot of fun – not unlike the straight-shooting Scot…

Olympus Has Fallen contains many impressive fight scenes. Did you pick up any injuries?

I picked up a lot of injuries. My fight with Rick Yune [who plays the villainous Kang] was three days solid and we just banged the sh*t out of each other. I bruised his ribs, he bruised my ribs, and I later found that I'd broken two tiny bones in my neck – including my hyoid, whatever the f*ck that is.

We're not sure either, but it sounds very painful…

I was glad I'd broken bones, actually, because at first they thought I had a growth in my throat and sent me for an MRI scan. And I'm thinking, "Cancer." Then the radiologist came out and said, "I think you've got broken bones in your throat." I was like, "Yes!" She thought I was crazy.

The film's taken on an unexpected relevance given recent diplomatic tensions. How did you get Kim Jong-un to join your marketing team?

Well, it took a lot of work for our publicity department to get them to play ball but they did, and it's helping the movie a lot. I shouldn't joke, but it's uncanny: there are things happening that are the exact scenes that we have in our movie. Would I go there? No. I don't know if I'd make it out alive – especially after this movie.

Part of the film was shot in Louisiana last summer – how hot did it get?

We had a week of filming outside at the height of the Louisiana summer, with 80 per cent humidity – even being in the shade was miserable. I was running on the spot for a week, because every time you cut to one particular scene, I'm supposed to have already been running for a mile. Over the week we probably did 400 takes; the sweat was dripping off me two drips a second.

Presumably a beer was out of the question…

Here's a trick I use: ice on the balls. I learned that on Timeline, which was shot in Montreal when it was nearly as hot. We put packs of ice down our underwear. I don't think it's good for the reproductive system, but it cools down your whole body. And focuses the mind, shall we say. ...


Nommy pics associated with the article are in the gallery.

Shortlist provides a .pdf to download/read:

Issue 270

Click here to read.

Page 3 is Gerry's cover (Pg. 1&2 are cover ad)

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Great article, very interesting!!!!!! I enjoy learning more about him, how passionate he is about his work, I love it!!!!! That's why I love him so much!!!!! I should say we love him so much!!!!


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:soccer-4010:/> :pulpfiction:/>


Great article, very interesting!!!!!! I enjoy learning more about him, how passionate he is about his work, I love it!!!!! That's why I love him so much!!!!! I should say we love him so much!!!!


sue grint - gbutts greatest London fan - I went to see ohf today and its brilliant and gerrys back in to his kick arse ways like in 300, which I do enjoy, but I also enjoy his roles in other genres too. its a nail biting all action on the edge of your seat ride and the attack at the beginning on the white house is spectatular and lasts a good 15 minutes. I was worried it was going to be a bit gunho type of film but it isn't and like people are saying its die hard in the white house. I recommend it to anyone who loves non stop action for around 2 hours.

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Surely he's joking about Lolita! I don't think that's funny.


Yes, I think Gerry was joking. I noticed a hyphen after the statement where, no doubt, the writer omitted Gerry's usual comment, "I'm joking" when he says something outlandish. I remember when Gerry got Lolita and he told the gals at the GBGALS Convention in Vegas that he didn't want to leave his hotel room because he just got a puppy and he didn't want to leave her alone. I also remember Gerry jumping in to save Lolita from a Greyhound dog that had her by her throat and was shaking her. Gerry left the set to take her to the Vet to make sure she was OK. He then heard a woman crying because she couldn't afford an operation that would save her dog's life. Gerry stepped up and told her he would pay for it. Does this sound like a man who would put cigarettes in a puppy's mouth? NO! I agree Gerry has a strange sense of humor at times but I am confident that the writer of this article did leave out that Gerry was kidding. I have seen Gerry with Lolita for years now and he always looks like he is taking very good care of her. I also remember him saying that he spends his mornings playing with Lolita on his bedroom floor which consisted of his tickling her tummy and talking baby talk to her. I also remember a few years ago an interviewer arrived in a hotel to interview Gerry at the time Gerry arrived and Gerry made the man wait in his room while Gerry cleaned up Lolita's papers and took care of Lolita first. I don't think we have to worry about how Gerry is taking care of Lolita. But I am afraid Gerry will always have a bazaar sense of humor, if he said that at all. How many times has Gery said he never said something that was printed about him. Let's keep an open mind.

~HUGS~ Kathy

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