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Gordon Ramsey Pub & Grill


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Okay, ladies. The idea of going to Gordon Ramsey's Pub & Grill at Caesar's Palace seems to have really taken off. So much so, that we likely need to make reservations. I am think of calling a reservation of 20 people. Once we get 20 confirmed names, if more want to go, we can update the reservation.

I am requesting full names and some way to contact you. If all goes well I or Melissa Mayberry will let you know the low down. The deadline to guarantee our reservation, I think, will be May 15th.

Here is a menu link with prices but I found it hard to find so this may not be 100% accurate.


Here is the link to the restaurant.


PM me on here and I will add you to our list. As of Sunday, I have eight people on the list. Please don't forget to count anyone extra, like a spouse or friend, that might be joining us. The more the merrier!!

Posted Image

Veronica Soto

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We are up to 12!!

Remember, I am sure since we are over 10, there will be the added gratuity involved so budget accordingly.


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Ok, ladies!

For those of you who wanted to get together for a night out at Gordon Ramsay's Pub and Grill, for a party over 12, we are 13, a third party makes the reservations for the restaurant. Here is the email they sent in regards to making arrangements for even considering making a reservation.


Please note that receipt of this e-mail is not a reservation confirmation. In order to expedite the reservation process, please provide the following information in your e-mail to your assigned Sales Manager:

Date of Event


Group Name

Party Size

Time of Event

Type of Event

Budget (inclusive of tax and gratuity; if unknown, please provide an approximate amount)

Company Address (for corporate events) OR Home Address (for social events)

Name of onsite contact and cell #

Menu (with selections as indicated on the menu you choose)

Beverage Package, Pre-Selected Wine or Hosted Beverages added to the main bill based on consumption

Bottled water or tap water (charges apply to bottled water)

Your Sales Manager can also assist you with ordering a cake for a wedding, birthday or anniversary celebrations. Contact your Sales Manager for more details.

If you have questions about any of the required information above, please contact your Sales Manager for assistance.

Reservation Process:

Once a venue, date, time and minimum number of guests are determined, a contract will be created and issued for your approval and signature along with a credit card authorization form. A 50% deposit is due upon signing and will be charged to the credit card provided on the credit card authorization form. The remaining balance will be charged to the card on file approximately two weeks prior to your event.

Menus and pricing are subject to change after a 30 day grace period

As the menu, wines and/or beverages package are selected, a detailed event order with all information may also be sent for review, approval and signature.

The guaranteed number of guests is due at least 5 business days prior to the event.

The check will be presented to the host at the conclusion of the event which can be divided up between the maximum of two credit cards or charged to the credit card on file. We will not do separate checks for parties for group reservations, but you can collect the guests cash in advance and then put the total of the bill on your charge card.

State of Nevada sales tax of 8.1% and large party gratuity of 21% will be charged in addition to the price listed on the menu. Some venues require a 22% gratuity. 10% Entertainment tax applies to venues with live entertainment.

***Please note that this e-mail is not a confirmation of a reservation***

Please e-mail the Sales Manger listed above to check availability and for further assistance.

Alexandra Cohen

Administrative Assistant

Citywide Restaurant Group Sales

Caesars Entertainment

702-731-7865 Office

702-856-3438 Fax


Description: cid:image001.jpg@01CE2F89.D3BD0BD0


So if you know what you want to eat and drink, can let me know how much you are going to spend, add tax and gratuity of 13 parts of 21%. Decide who's credit card we want to sacrifice. Pray that the menu does not change, if you can find it online in the first place, and are willing to pay some of that upfront for the 50% payment, We Can Go!!

This pissed me off to no end. I really wanted to go here. Melissa´╗┐ and I thought maybe a change of venue where they are not seeking a pint of blood and our first born might be in order. Or even splitting up the group, invading, and asking to sit close to each other but not the same tables.

Any ideas out there?

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I'm thinking we should find another place where we can each pay our own tab. As long as we are together, I don't care where we eat!

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I'm thinking we should find another place where we can each pay our own tab. As long as we are together, I don't care where we eat!

I agree! No place is worth that level of hassle! Just give me a Posted Imageand my Gals and I'm happy!

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There are a lot of restaurants in the MGM. Their website is a little difficult to navigate for the restaurants, so I googled and came with a Yelp list:


They have Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck to name a few. I vote for staying at our own hotel.


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May I bring up an alternative? The MGM has a delightful Rainforest Cafe. Dress is more casual and the average dinner is $15 - $25. There are adorable animatronic birds and wild animals that come "alive" periodically . It's a family place, so they do have kids around, but it is really cute. My second choice would be Emeril's which is much more expensive and "business casual" dress is expected.

Either way, I'll go with the flow...but I'm not buying a $40 seafood platter appetizer! (with no crab or lobster on it!)


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Oh yea I totally forgot all about the Rainforest Cafe! They are most likely to seat us easier than any other restaurant. Just like Suzie, I do not want to spend a lot.

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Okay Ladies,

I made a reservation at Rainforest Cafe located at the MGM, for Thursday at 8:00pm. Since there will be a large group they will be charging us a 17% gratuity and they can only do one check so please bring cash with you! I will be down at the restaurant around 7:30. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or Veronica and we can give you further details! I am so much looking forward to seeing everyone!!!

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