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Every year we have a "contribution campaign" of sorts to collect funds for the annual server fee which typically comes due between April-May (depending on inMotion's squirrelly billing). I guess real life got the best of us, because we failed to "fundraise for the site". Now, inMotion is trying to collect and we don't have enough to cover the fee!!




This site is paid for by the generous donations from our members.

It has never been or will ever be a REQUIREMENT for being a member of GALS. We understand there are those who are unable to financially contribute to our site and we certainly understand and appreciate that fact. We also KNOW whether someone is able to contribute financially or not, does not make them any more or any less of a valued member of GALS.

Having stated that, we would like to recognize those who have been able to financially contribute to keeping GALS up and running. Contributors will have the designation of "Contributing Member" in their Personal Information Profile area.

The contributions cover the cost of running the site, including server and host fees, add-ins, Gallery, postage and shipping, programs to name a few.

Support GALS You can help support Gerard Butler GALS by purchasing items through the GALS Boutique or you can make a monetary donation.

Donations can be submitted online through Paypal or mailed as money orders/checks.

Option 1- PAYPAL: (One must have a PayPal account established to use this option)

  • Log into PayPal.
  • Click the "Send Money" tab.
  • Put support@gerardbutlergals.com as the email address you're sending to, and donate the amount you want.

  • There is a handy 'Donate' box on the left side of the Forum Home Page, too!
Option 2 - Paper Check By Snail Mail:

  • Send a check, payable to GB GALS, to:
Susan Payette

P.O. Box 17915

Irvine, CA 92623-7915

  • In the memo section, please indicate "Support" (AND INCLUDE YOUR SCREENNAME)
Option 3 - Boutique Shopping: You can help support GBGALS by purchasing items through our market place (via the Boutique) Although the amount is nominal, as we always say, "Every penny helps." When you enter amazon via the GALS portal or purchase other items in the Boutique, GALS gets a small royalty for all sales.

Posted Image to all who have contributed and help keep GALS 'up and running'!

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Okay; I've contacted my sister (who has the paypal account Lol) and am sending some $$;I feel it is important to keep this site up and running for everyone's sake...and mine too.. :highfive:

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Posted ImageI contacted my sister Pam yesterday and she sent it right away..hope it helps...another year...another dollar..or two or more but in the end it comes out all right eh? Hugs May
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:ty: gals!

We have a long way to go and we appreciate everyone's contribution no matter the amount! :grouphug:

I will be sending the customary 'Thank You' emails as soon as I can - have to finish up stuff for the Convention and have some 'holiday' this weekend with family ;)

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We're very appreciative of our members whether or not they can help with financial support :rose:

For those who can't give as much as they'd like during our big 'push' for funds there is an option for

setting up a 'subscription' at PayPal - you can arrange to send a few dollars every month to GALS towrads support-

for example: $5 a month would be a $60 yearly contribution. And a small amount per month is usually easier on our

personal 'budget' :D


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Managed to put in a little something with the help of my angel Sue, - we are so cloak and dagger...! :D

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Not sure how my original post got into this thread.

I have the instructions on how to send a check by snail mail - so I'm ready to do just that.


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I just sent something via Paypal. Sure wish it could be more. I don't come here nearly as often as I used to, but rest assured that

I still love Gerry, and I still love GALS!!


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