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*stands up, taps mic* This thing on? Hi, I'm Hobbes and I STILL have GALS... :gotgals:

I say "still" because it's been seven years for me. Not as long as some, a lot longer than most. I still remember "discovering" G and what it felt like to discover GALS and the fact that there were others who suffered the same affliction and how wonderful it was to have a safe haven to revel in that affliction.

The GALS site (and a handful of others) was once the only way to get accurate, up-to-date info and the latest pics. Obviously, that's no longer the case. Over the years, our man's career has blown up, as have the ways and means for us to keep up with it. Sure, it's great that we can get our news and pics via Facebook and Twitter these days, but we all need to realize that we still need the board. How do any of us know that the FB page and Twitter feed will stay if the GALS site goes dark? What's to keep all of the MODS and ADMINS, who work so tirelessly to brings us that news and those pics, together and working without the board? GALS was the first thing we all knew that we had in common. Even if we don't post or comment or participate as actively as we once did, don't we all still take some small measure of comfort in knowing that the GALS site exists? Don't all of us who've bee around since those early days (pre-300) like knowing that that 1st clubhouse still exists?

I say all of this because a cry of need went up in May, but here it is the middle of August and part of the server fee is still outstanding. Maybe we think it's somebody else's problem. Maybe we think someone else will take care of it. More than likely though, we want to help but feel like we can't. I submit that if each one of our members contributed $1, we'd have enough for this year and next with some to spare. One dollar.

Anyone who knows me, knows that "this" is not really my thing. but instead of sitting idly by, I finally decided to give voice to the nagging feeling that I (me, Hobbes, Sheri) could be doing more. I hope that those of you who've graciously taken the time to read this missive will take it in the spirit in which it was intended.

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Whoa. So i'm posting here because as a kind of a newbie to the site, I just found the downloads/videos section and am just dying here, there's enough to keep my eyeballs in heaven for months and months without a break to blink.

You know, when I was a kid I wanted nothing more than to stare at Little Joe until my eyes fell out (anyone younger than say 40 will have no clue what I'm talking about LOL but anyway) and in those days you had to wait till the TV show was on or maybe if you were lucky till the next "Tiger Beat" or whatever it was called came out with his picture maybe, if you were lucky. And now? What you ladies have going here? Whoa. Just whoa. Talk about feeding an addiction.

So anyway, I guess I owe you gals for making me very, very. very happy. Had a good July with work, too, and since I freelance that's not always a given. So is there an easy link to send something with Paypal? Or should I reread the posts upthread to figure it out?

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:ty: Sheri and saga!

Saga info for Paypal:

Option 1- PAYPAL: (One must have a PayPal account established to use this option)

  • Log into PayPal.
  • Click the "Send Money" tab.
  • Put support@gerardbutlergals.com as the email address you're sending to, and donate the amount you want.

  • There is a handy 'Donate' box on the left side of the Forum Home Page, too!


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For what it's worth, Gerry is sort of like my own little secret that I only share with, oh, a few million women on the Internet. So please don't send any receipts or anything in the mail (assuming there's an address on your Paypal receipt thingy). Folks in my real life/ real world just would not get it. :shhh: Thanks.

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:bounce: Dayna has enabled the Subscription option for GALS Support!!

The tab is on top of each forum page in the blue header; the link is: http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/index.php?app=subscriptions

To subscribe, simply select the radio button next to your donation choice and then choose which payment method you wish to use below. Clicking on the continue button will bring you to a confirmation screen and may ask for more details depending on which payment method you've chosen. If you have any questions about your current or past donations, you should contact a member of the administrative team who will be able to deal with any enquiries you might have

There are many options to chose from...

and for those who want to send a one-time contribution for a different amount, the PayPal link is on the left side of each Forum page! :D

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HOw close are we to the deadline for the server fee?

I'm on a fixed income with a million hospital and doctor bills, but I will find a few dollars before letting this site go down. To much hard work, and to many people depend on it daily for GB news and friends support.

Please advise how much we lack and how soon it is needed.


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Sandy! :rose: Your offer is so sweet and generous :hug:

I checked with the Financial Admin and there is enough in the support fund to cover through November.

If folks continue to send a few dollars when they can or go for a subscription/automatic payment we'd be sure to have

coverage for the fees w/o having to do a :panic: 'drive'! :D

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:confused:Sorry I am SO behind the times! Life........gets in the way! Hope my lil bit helps! :ty: to SO many who have helped me out along the way.


Naoma aka RezzRN

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