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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry's video message to GB Fan Con

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Gerry gives us a little 'scene setting', fill in on his latest travels;
shout-out and congrats to Stuart on the Inspiration Award, hello and thanks to Dayna for the site and charity work,
more! And he ends with a kiss to us biggrin.gif

Thank you to Susan~Sporran for the transcript:
Hey everybody, it's Gerry here. Arrggghhh. I'm talking from Munich, Bavaria, Germany at the Karlsplatz (Stachus), the very FAMOUS *laughing* Karlsplatz (Stachus). That's just proof - and over there we have the K├╝nstlerhaus.
(laughter off screen)
Try not to laugh too much - that's Amy, my assistant, filming the message, and um, this is pretty much the only place we could find to film right now because I'm in the middle of a press tour. Just finished our final screening after visiting, I don't know, like I think we've been to like, literally 12, 11 or 12 countries and today is my last day of interviews and, um, tomorrow's the last day of the press tour completely and it's great to finish it in Munich.

But, anyway, enough of that, enough of me, just fill, film, FILLl-ing (sorry, I'm jet lagged) filling you in where I've been because I just came from Tokyo and um Shanghai and now here.

But I want to say a big hello to all you ladies, and I'm sure some gentlemen as well, in VEGAS for Gerry night. I'm not quite sure this year what Gerry night entails, um, but hopefully it includes Gerry (points to himself).

But Stuart, firstly, Stuart Fellows a big congratulations on your Inspiration award, well done my man! I'm proud of you and the women speak very, very, very highly of you.

Dayna and all the women I want to say thank you for all the incredible work you do putting this all together and running the site, it is such an incredible site. And then for all the other stuff you do, for all the great humanitarian stuff and I hope, I signed a bunch of stuff I hope, I think, it's going to get there in time. I hope that goes towards everything, and I'm really just so touched about what you guys have done through this event.

I don't know if Sam's there but if you are, a big hello, I love you, my man.

That's pretty much it, I'm going to keep it short, I'm gonna let you get on with whatever Gerry night entails. I love you guys and thank you for supporting me through all this, it really means the world to me (puts fist to heart as farewell gesture).

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Gerry's Call to GALS Convention

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