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Gerard Butler GALS

@GerardButler backs Ladies’ Night at the upcoming Comrie Fortnight


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Hollywood heart-throb Gerard Butler has stepped in to sponsor Ladies’ Night at the upcoming Comrie Fortnight.

The star, pictured above, was happy to oblige after reading in the Herald that the committee was still looking for backers for some of the Fortnight’s attractions.

A-lister Gerard said: “My mum gets the Herald so when I come for a visit I have a wee read of it. I saw the appeal and my mum thought that Ladies’ Night would be an appropriate event for me to sponsor.”

The action movie hero loves to visit his family in Comrie to escape from the pressures of the media and his celebrity lifestyle.

He added: “When I’m at home, I feel at home. I feel myself. To be back with your family and your friends – especially now that my family live in Strathearn – is great.

“I can look up at the mountain ranges and I am just taken aback constantly by how beautiful it is here, and what a great land I come from. There is such a great history – romantic, warring, passionate and kind of heart-breaking as well.

“I think I come from one of the most beautiful countries on the planet.

“I love the humour and I love the warmth. I just really connect when I get back, and I find that I recharge and knock out all the bull that’s going round in my head, all of that Hollywood nonsense.”

The Comrie Fortnight programme is on sale from Monday, July 8, at the usual village outlets.

The Herald has been given a sneak preview and can confirm that it contains all the old favourites plus some new and exciting activities that everyone will enjoy.

This year it sports a bright red and yellow cover, designed by Comrie Primary pupil Lauren Russell.

Comrie Fortnight takes place between July 20 and August 3.


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Comrie is indeed in a lovely part of the world and the whole River Earn area is picturesque as well as being full of history.

It is also interesting that Prince William and Kate who are known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in England have as their Scottish title, the Earl and Countess of Strathearn whenever they are on visits north of the border.


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Our very own reporter and photographer Lynn Duke met with A Hollywood star today giving him a bag of her wonderful Homemade Tablet. Gerald is very kindly sponsoring the Ladies Night during the Comrie Fortnight. Will he be there ? Don't think so - Can you imagine 100+ screaming woman ??? Lol x


from Comrie Perthshire FB

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Nice picture, I love it!!!!! Lucky woman!!!!! He looks so great, very very handsome, very sexy, happy, relaxed, healthy!!!!! What a beautiful landscape!!!!! It seems so beautiful!!!!! Beautiful Gerard!!!!


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A follow up:
Thumbs up for Gerard
Jul 26 2013 by Lynn Duke, Strathearn Herald
Hollywood star Gerard Butler has extended his support for Comrie Fortnight.

The A-lister decided to sponsor the village’s Ladies’ Night after reading an appeal in the Herald.
And, once he found out more about the two-week extravaganza – which kicked off in spectacular style on Saturday – movie megastar Gerard offered to back some of the children’s events too.
His support means many of the events are now being offered at a reduced price.

Allan Stewart, chairman of Comrie Fortnight, declared: “The Comrie Fortnight committee was overwhelmed with Gerard Butler’s support.
“He has kindly provided our fantastic, brightly-coloured Comrie Fortnight tee-shirts for children, which will be awarded as prizes.”
For more on the events, see the centre pages

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