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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry...in Romania...


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I'm sure these are from end of June, early July, but reports just posted in Romanian media...

anyone with scoop? Please share, it will be appreciated!

This was this past weekend - thanks to framolamdu for the clarification! :D

The famous Scottish actor Gerard Butler came to Romania to be with his beautiful girlfriend, Madalina Ghenea.

Gerard Butler told "Observer" that is a secret trip, but nevertheless took photos with his fans. The actor was expected last night in Romania, but arrived today in Bucharest and flew by helicopter in Arges because he wanted to go with Madalina Trasfăgărăşan. Gerard did not want driver insisted that he lead the most beautiful road in Europe. Even if today it rained, the two lovers have enjoyed the scenery of our country.

The famous Gerard Butler came to London with a commercial race on Saturday at around 1:30 p.m.. International stardom came in Romania because of his beloved brother is getting married next week and Madalina elated. After the race Transfăgărşan Madalina will lead boyfriend to her family in Craiova. It will be very good opportunity to put the final touches on his return to the country Gerard Alin's wedding, Madalina brother. In fact, the two have plans to visit the Danube Delta and Romanian Black. How many roads has made ​​it very possible that movie star not to leave for London on Monday and stay in Romania until Madalina family wedding. And who knows, maybe Madalina sue before her parents.

Video at link below:
Google Translate of text:

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Gerard Butler was photographed with pilot airplane on which he arrived in Bucharest

Ago exactly one month apart when everyone he knew, Romance Madalina Ghenea and international star Gerard Butler were photographed in tandreturi the streets of Rome.

In May, the news fell like a lightning breakup in international showbiz and June 21, the two were given a new sample of love. Italian paparazzi have photographed together in love, beating the streets of Rome, embraced. Since then, other details of their relationship have emerged.

Now, exactly one month after the episode of Rome, things seem to have evolved considerably. CANCAN.ro learned exclusively that Gerarg Butler came in Romania in great secrecy and has photo evidence of this. Star International embarked from London to Bucharest, choosing a race of Romanian companies. From our landed in Romania Saturday, 13.30

Because no part of a co-production that turneaza in our country, the only thing that binds you to this place remains Madalina Ghenea. It may be that the love the two have evolved so much that Butler have reached the point where he feels the need to wax Madalina from parents. Altogether, the probability to have come to know the family is huge.
The only official information that could, equally, to represent why Gerard Butler's visit in Romania could be Madalina Ghenea brother's wedding, where the actor announced his intention at a given time to participate.

20.07.2013, 15:45

translated from text at: http://www.cancan.ro/actualitate/ce-ascunde-madalina-ghenea-gerard-butler-a-venit-in-romania-in-mare-secret-cu-o-cursa-comerciala.html

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too much for me to add now as I'm running out for family Sunday happenings :D




links have photos and video

The first destination of the couple Madalina Ghenea, Gerard Butler was a hotel in the heart of Fagaras. By chance or because he loved Madalina place does not matter, the fact is that Scottish actor felt exceptionally there ...

Arrived Saturday around noon in Romania, Gerard Butler was taken immediately Mădălina in a dream! More specifically, they have been away for a night, Hotel Valea cu Pesti you Vidraru Lake area. Here the couple could enjoy the wonderful view of the lake and the Fagaras Mountains Vidraru. Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea opted for a simple apartment, which cost £ 340 for one night. Although the location owner insisted that both the meal and accommodation are on his Scottish actor did not want to hear. Gerard preferred to be treated like any other tourists in the area. Only that his plans were slightly changed because of the paparazzi, who immediately found where the two were staying. Thus, although be prepared for a meal on the terrace, the two lovers have changed their minds and had asked officials to bring food into the hotel suite. For dinner, Madalina and Gerard wanted to try as many traditional Romanian dishes, opting for a platter "Trout Valley with Fish" and "Pork chops with mushrooms and bacon" and the traditional pie for dessert and cheese "cheese cake Zenaida ". That night they had spent at the hotel in question, the two had not consumed any alcoholic beverage.
Gerard Butler swam

After dinner, Gerard Butler and his girlfriend visited throughout the hotel and stayed some time in the spa. More specifically, the famous Scottish actor tried his girlfriend with pool, jacuzzi and sauna. After an hour they were very smiling, so I suppose that felt really good.
Finally, Madalina Ghenea and Gerard Butler were ordered breakfast all in the room, but it was one served in a hurry, though, and this time it was all Romanian traditional products.
Because they were very nice, the staff brought the two at 10:00 of the hotel through the back door so to dodge paparazzi flashbulbs.

Google translation for article at: http://spynews.ro/monden/madalina-ghenea-si-gerard-butler-au-mancat-in-camera-de-frica-paparazzilor-3954.html#main with images of hotell mentioned in the article

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SourceJuly 21, 2013 at 9:21 am

Although the information that the “Olympus Has Fallen” star is in Madalina’s homeland for her brother’s wedding hasn’t been confirmed, it is certain that the actor is in Romania.

The rumors are linked to the fact that Ghenea in May had written on her Facebook page that her brother was going to get married: “We often used to laugh about this when we were children and now the big moment has come. Yes! My brother is getting married! I just received an invitation to the wedding. 22 years ago he wrote me his first letter, today he’s written me the invitation to his wedding.”

The actor had embarked to Bucharest from London, landing in Romania on Saturday, at 01.30 PM at the Henri Coanda airport, Antena 1 reports.

From Bucharest, he flew to Balea Lac where he was expected by his girlfriend, Madalina. Along with Madalina, he got in a car and hit the road.

Butler had planned to take a ride on the Transfagarasan – the road that Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson called “the best road in the world …”- with his girlfriend Madalina Ghenea.

http://www.inrumor.com/in/hollywood/gerard-butler-comes-to-romania-to-join-girlfriend-madalina-ghenea-at-her-brothers-wedding/Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea have been together for a year and this would be the actor’s first visit in Romania.


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The Hollywood actor Gerard Butler came on holiday in Romania, the country where he was born his girlfriend, the beautiful Madalina Ghenea.

And he liked what he saw from us after helicopter flew Mountains, where he stopped to admire the Sphinx and Old Women. In the way of flight and Peles castle, and at one point walked on Transfagarasan car.

The meal tasted Romanian small, so in the end told us honestly that she likes than our country.

Sunday afternoon, the helicopter has left Gerard and Madalina at the foot of Bucegi. From here, the couple took the cable car to the Old Women, where they look around. They were followed closely by security guards designed to keep away any intruders. Impressed, actor, aged 43, said she is excited about Romania.

Gerard Butler: "I'm on vacation. I love, I feel very good."

Reached the top of the mountain, Gerard and Madalina behaved like two tourists charmed by the spectacle of nature. From time to time, visitors who acknowledged they asked their autographs or take photos with them.

After Old Women, Madalina and admired Gerard Sphinx, and then were off to lunch. They opted for a traditional menu, favorite actor. The night before, he really wanted to taste the famous Romanian small.

"They ordered trout with butter sauce and lemon sausages seeing as the house dessert, cheesecake," revealed the restaurant manager.

According to the owner, the two behaved like normal people.

Gerard and his girlfriend arrived Saturday night at a 4 star hotel near Lake Vidraru and were staying in a studio apartment costing £ 380 per night. They rented two rooms but other bodyguards and a group of friends. Were expected since Friday, but never made it to the actor lost plane.

Lovers did not want to attract attention, so they went in the room early last night, where they have not come out until this morning.

Hotel Manager: "They said it was the most beautiful view from all the hotels where they stayed until now."

Breakfast took him around the room, away from curious eyes. This time, Madalina was the one who ordered - scrambled eggs, avocado and coffee.

Around noon, the two men left the hotel and went on the road leading to Curtea de Arges. But before the actor he wanted to leave a memorial guestbook. '' Thanks for the great site "Butler wrote.

After a walk in the village Corbeni Transfagarasan reached where the stadium is waiting helicopter. For the crew was ready to take off, the two men have walked a few minutes by car. They left and then rush to the disappointment of local residents.
Google translation from original text: ]Source

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Madalina Ghenea tried to take him to her lover Gerard Butler, in some of the most beautiful places in our country.

Today, slătineanca the famous Scottish boyfriend went by cable car and saw the Sphinx and Old Women.

Gerard Butler behaved like an ordinary tourist and said after finishing the beauties visited the country, that he liked what he saw.

Subsequently, the two had lunch at a restaurant in the area, and actor in "300. IMAX Experience" ate traditional products, such as small.

Google translation of text from: http://www.cancan.ro/actualitate/madalina-ghenea-l-a-dus-pe-gerard-butler-sa-vada-babele-si-sfinxul-actorul-roman-a-fost-impresionat-de-frumusetile-romaniei.html

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from ClicRomania


At least one countryman was very happy Sunday after Gerard Butler visited Madalina Ghenea Sfnxul and Old Women.

It is Batcu Sorin, chalet from Babe, who took pictures with both and posted them on his Facebook account.

Gerard Butler came Saturday to Romania at the invitation of his girlfriend, Madalina Ghenea. The couple went to the Fagaras Mountains, where they spent the night, and on Sunday saw Peles Castle and Bucegi Mountains.

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She is lovely. Can you imagine how beautiful their children would be? I wonder if he is really serious this time. He deserves the most beautiful and most intelligent women in the world. He has waited so long to find the right one.

God bless him always in all of his endeavors.

Love him absolutely,


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Excuse me! I hadn't read far enough apparently! They also knew when they took a 3 am stroll and showered afterwards! Are you kidding me with this? G should have checked his room for hidden cameras and bugging devices! Might just get him inspired for a role as James Bond! :rotflmao:

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When, everyone gave him left Romania and photos looking on Hollywood famous actor Gerard Butler has extended vacation in our region great mystery until today.


It is a testament to his love of our country and, like Prince Charles. Although his beautiful girlfriend Madalina Ghenea left on Monday in Italy, called on the set, actor in "300 - The IMAX Experience" has spent three days hiding from the world in Bucegi.

He made long walks in the hills and enjoyed the quiet. Some tourists spotted him by chance on a mountain trail 

he asked for no photos as he was on vacation.

My comment: Kinda like a Bigfoot sighting :rotflmao:
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