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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry at Groucho Club, London 7/30


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Gerry is looking a little tired or maybe it was that pesky flash in his face :D

Perez Hilton had an article about those photos today and had some fun with Gerry's outfit -

"When we checked him there this Spring, he was wearing a very similar ensem to what we saw him in this week.

Of course, if it’s a laundry issue, we’re more than happy to clean the Ger-bear’s apparel.

Especially his intimates! And intimate places! LOLz!!!"

I wouldn't mind cleaning Ger-Bear's apparel either! :p

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Nice pictures, I totally agree, he looks a bit tired!!!!! Ah, these paparazzi, they never sleep!!!!!!! He looks great, tired or not, very very handsome, very very sexy!!!!! Beautiful Gerard!!!!!


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Is it me, or is he getting thinner?

Damn Gerry! Eat a sandwich!

LOL... "Eat a sandwich"! :D

Yes, he seems to be much thinner and looks tired. First things I noticed.

:erik: Erik's Ebony Eyes :phantom:

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