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Gerard Butler GALS

"Uncle Eddie's birthday"


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Wonder iof this is Gerry's Mum's brother or his Dad's.

Does anyone know.

Is Shelley his cousin.

We know so little about Gerry's life before his movie career. I for one, am interested in everything

about him. Not to bother anyone of his relatives, but just to know more about him and what has contributed to the wonderful man he is.

I know he and his immediate family have always been extremely close, but know very little about his aunts and uncles, cousings, grandparents, etc.

He is such a wonderful, handsome, generous man, one can't help but wonder who was instrumental in the creation of that one of kind personality.

Love him absolutely,


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Now I'm totally lost.

Maybe this wasn't his family.

Since the note was so personal, I did the unforgivable and assumed it was his Uncle's party.

Maybe it was someone elses" and he just attended.

Sorry for the confusion.

As I said, I know so little of his early life.

He has said that his Uncles made sure he and his siblings never lacked for anything.

I never knew whether he was referring to his Mother's brothers or his Father's brothers.

I'm just glad that his Uncles assumed so much responsibility for them. They were very lucky in that respect.

I guess I,being so much older, have always felt either sisterly or motherly toward him. Loving him so as a person, and having come from a similar fate, not from desertion, but by death of my father at 5 and my mother at 11. My uncles never shared any responsibiltiy for me and my brother. So I know what it's like to be without a parent or both parents. I know what it was like for my mother to struggle for last 6 years to provide for us. She did not have the opportunity that Gerry's mother had to get an education and assume a working position to support us. She had a high school education and had been a wife for all of her short life. She was totally lost without my father and died at age 47, just 6 years after my father died. So when I heard Gerry say that about his uncles, my heart praised them to the Lord.

I'm sorry to have gone on and about my life story. I hope it was ok with everyone.'

Love him absolutely,


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