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Gerard Butler GALS

#GerardButler Autographed items Now On E-Bay!


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Gerard Butler

Generously Autographed Several items for us to auction off


GALS Charity, Rising Phoenix Charitable Foundation

We now have all the items listed on e-bay!

Click on the Pics for Link to Items on e-bay

th_SignedGerryPic1.jpg th_SignedGerryPic1.jpg

th_ChasingMavericksBlu-Ray2.jpgth_ChasingMavericksBlu-Ray2.jpg th_OlympusHasFallenPoster.jpg th_OlympusHasFallenPoster.jpg

th_ChasingMavericksMoviePoster1.jpg th_ChasingMavericksMoviePoster1.jpg th_OlympusHasFallenPoster2.jpg th_OlympusHasFallenPoster2.jpg

th_OHFShirt1.jpg th_OHFShirt1.jpg th_OHFShirt1.jpg th_OHFShirt1.jpg

Monies made from the auction of these items will go to The Shade Tree and Angels of East Africa.

Please Be Generous and Let The Bidding Begin!

Good Luck!

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:thankyou: Cat! I checked and as long as you will pay the shipping (which can be rather expensive!)

you may bid on the items. You would work out the details with Cheryl/Paisleyscot at the appropriate time if you 'win'. :rose:

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Okey Dokey, I've got an idea about what shipping will cost depending on whether it's airmail or ship. The latter takes time but is less expensive. Anyway, should I will a bid I will discuss with Cheryl. Thanks :-)

Hi to all and huge :hug:

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I'm sad. Outbid so far and can't afford more if I've got to keep some for postage. However, it's great that there are bids and all items are going well. GO GALS!


PS I was already dreaming of my poster on the ceiling while I was wearing the t-shirt :-(

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