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Made an additional donation. I can't be without my GALS! :)


A few days away, when I get paid next. It has become an addiction, for sure.

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Check is finally in the mail - first of the month is a killer!

Yes, it is!! :hugs:

We're stuck on high center and can't get past the half-way mark...

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I know there isn't going to be a convention this year, but why isn't it possible to take part of the money the convention raises each year to run the site? Certainly without the site there would be no contributions to the charities it supports, so there MUST be a site.

Just an idea.

I'm sure the GALS would not mind seeing at least part of the money raised going to the site and part to charity. Take care of the site being run first and charity second. After all, charity does begin at home and this is home to so many.

This site is very important to so many.

Love him absolutely,


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We are at $2,300 collected. To answer a couple of questions - we do not pay all site expenses at one time, so we are in good shape at the moment. We used to have to pay out most of it in March, but they switched to billing us periodically and we usually made sure we had several months on hand so as not to sound the alarm too often. This year we got down to having less than the amount to get us through 2 months, thus the DEFCON announcement. It still takes $3,000 to cover a year's worth of expenses, but if people need to spread out their donations over the next several months we are safe for awhile.

As for using charitable funds for the site - that is not legal. Since Rising Phoenix Charitable Foundation is a 501©3 organization registered with the IRS the money it collects must be used only for charity and a small amount for the administrative costs of the foundation, but not of GALS. They must be kept completely separate or the foundation runs the risk of losing its status as a charity. If members feel inclined to split their available funding between the two they would need to direct GALS site support as indicated above and give their charitable donation to RPCF separately.

A million thanks to all who are able to help! It means the world to us!

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Praise the Lord, we are safe.

I understand the charity foundation status, etc. I was thinking of a separation of the funds. I'm not sure how that could be done, but I for one would love to have the opportunity to say that some of what I spent, say for an item at the annual auction of Gerryabilia, during the next convention, for instance, was going to support the site that is responsible for the auction to begin with.

I love GALS and never want to be without it, as I'm sure most of our members do.. If there were no GALS site there would be no convention, therefore no auction, therefore no donations to the various charities we support.

Just an idea. Maybe it could happen.



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I just sent a donation through Paypal.


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If the $50 is still current, I just topped off the tank! :-) WAY TO GO, GALS AND PALS! :phew:

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