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Penthouse & PJs...work thread


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We have had so many GENEROUS GALS offer raffle basket items for the FUNdraising portion along with offers for party favors and bag goodies.

You would think I would eventually stop being surprised at the outpouring of time, talent from GALS.

In order to keep the fundraising LIGHT as promised we are going to limit the number of items/baskets available. Susan-Sporran will once agan be wrangling this goat, we will post about this later.

What we need are prizes! ($10 - $25 value) I know there are MANY and varried crafters and creative GALS. This is a great way to be a part of the fun if you cannot attend and another way to make this a group effort for those who can.

Some prize ideas we tossed around that could incorporate a Gerry theme...PLEASE don't be limited by my imagination!!!!

Jewelry (We've see beautiful POTO themed necklaces and bracelets in the past. DF blues and greens. 300 reds and gold...)


Small artwork

Decorated coffee mug or glass

For the not so crafty



Gift cards

Only 10-12 are needed so if you wish to contribute let me know ASAP! You can message me here or on FB.




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I have a possible game that is hilarious. Any ideas for team prizes? Who do I run the game by for approval?


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