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Gerard Butler GALS

2/27 - Gerard Butler goes window shopping for classic cars in West Hollywood


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As a reward for being one Hollywood's leading men, actor Gerard Butler is clearly happy to splash out for a well-deserved treat to himself.

The 44 year-old star was spotted in West Hollywood were he was window shopping a series of highly-collectible classic cars.

Browsing the range with an expert dealer, the big-screen idol looked spoiled for choice when he was spotted in the local dealership on Thursday.

Wearing a pair of stonewash jeans a light blue shirt, the trained lawyer - who turned to acting in the 1990s - kept his cool with a pair of aviator sunglasses.

He also wore a collection of bracelets on his left wrist and capped the look with some well-worn leather boots for, perhaps ironically, something of a biker look.

At one point he spent considerable time eyeing-up a stunning vehicle in royal blue, but - despite this - he left empty-handed, perhaps to consider his options.

Fortunately, any sticking points were unlikely to be about money - after all, Gerard has enjoyed a stream of high-profile cinematic roles in recent years.

There are other images (not available to add to Gallery) here: http://www.kikapress.com/event/gerard-butler-scopre-la-passione-per-le-auto-depoca/136456/
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I'd love to see him in anything royal blue, my favorite color. I think he would look great in a "Spider" with gull wings.

Classic cars is a wonderful investment. You'd be surprised what some people will pay for a real classic.

Love him absolutely,


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