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Gerard Butler GALS

3/23 - Gerard Butler's Shirt Can Barely Contain His Huge Muscles!

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Remember the days when actors had to sign contracts not to do anything that could cause them an injury once they start a movie? I remember Steve McQueen had to stop car racing when he made a movie. Actors were really reigned in, in the past. Today they can ride motorcycles or dirt bikes (OHF) and get away with it. Interesting!

~HUGS~ Kathy

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He looks absolutely marvelous.

I'm glad he is having some time to see Sydney before has to start shooting.

He has so little time to himself that he isn't working on a movie or looking for territory for movies or reviewing

scripts for movies or looking for something to produce, etc.

Life is so short, but at least he seems to be enjoying himself and has earned enough to do what he want to do.

Love him absolutely,


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I believe James Dean died in a car crash before he finished "Giant", didn't he Kathy? It seems silly to say an actor can't engage in any risky business when there are so many dangers in filming a movie, especially these days. You can get hurt twelve ways to Sunday while shooting even with a stunt double. He's wearing a helmet and goggles and that's a good thing. Not sure they're doing actual filming just yet unless Set has a beard! I am curious to see if we get to see Gerry's actual face or if he'll be covered with some sort of headgear that depicts a jackal or a bird, whichever one is appropriate. I heard the costumes are very elaborate and I'm sure he's involved in some of that right now. I'm really excited about GOE!


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D, when James Dean was killed, he had just completed filming his scenes in Giant (though some filming for others was still in progress).

Both Giant and Rebel Without a Cause were released after he died. I was really crushed because I had decided I was going to marry him if Elvis turned me down.


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Actually, James Dean died before his scenes were completed. They had to rewrite the ending because of his death. He died from his own reckless behavior while driving his car.

When Gerry and some others were speeding around on dirt bikes during off hours from the filming of OHF and one individual hit an obstacle and was thrown and injured, Gerry admitted in a magazine article that a very expensive movie could have been jeopardized if it had been him that was thrown and injured. In the past, Studios protected actors from injuries by making them sign a contract not to do anything that could provoke an injury and that protected filming from delays. Today, actors are not protected and are free to do what they want. Even in filming they are not protected. In this action packed craze we are experiencing in films we are taking chances with our actors who are pressured to do their own stunts so the movie looks better.

Steve McQueen rode motorcycles but had to stop that also during filming. A helmet won't keep a person from losing an arm and a leg. Just ask James Stacy who lost both in a motorcycle accident. A nurse once told me that she has seen accident victims from a motorcycle accident where the skin is ripped right off to the bone and it leads to amputation. That is why real motorcyclists wear leather. It doesn't ripe up like cloth.

~HUGS~ Kathy

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