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Gerard Butler GALS

"The Phantom of the Opera" ~ Redux XI ~ November 8, 2014


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I Bid You Welcome to Redux ~ XI!

The 11th Annual Screening of

"The Phantom of the Opera"



~ Experience for the First Time or Again ...

the most beautiful phenomena &

Gerard Butler's elegantly compelling performance in a Theatre again!

~ If you have never seen Joel Schumacher's Masterpiece ~

Andrew Lloyd Webber's


"The Phantom of the Opera"

This is an experience beyond your imagination ...

Box Five Awaits You ...



November 8, 2014 ~ Une Heure ~ Midnight

~ Ticket: $25.00 (Ze 20,000 Francs) ~

(Please Note Pricing Details on FaceBook)


The Vista Theatre


" ... Let My Opera Begin!"


~ The Vista Theatre is a glorious example of Art Deco reaching its best. Built in 1923, it now rests atop the legendary film location of D. W. Griffith’s classic film "Intolerance". The name of D.W. Griffith remains nearly mythic as belonging to one of Hollywood's quintessential founders.

A richly detailed Egyptian interior evokes a unique experience resonating deeply with Hollywood's glamorous history. It is therefore more than fitting that another Masterpiece such as

"The Phantom of the Opera" be added to its list of legends.

~ You will truly be inspired for One Night when you,
" ...Open Up your mind, let your fantasies unwind, in this darkness
which you know you cannot fight....
the darkness of the Music of the Night..... !"


" ... Masquerade! Paper faces on parade... Masquerade!"
With this the 10th Anniversary of the film, the Opera Ghost has requested
that Guests come in costume as befits his Opera House!
Masques de Mascarade are again most welcome ... Mille merci!


I Remain Your Faithful Servant,

Musik ~ Opera Ghost's Secretary th_StarampMoon2.jpg

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~ ... Please follow Redux XI on FaceBook for Updates & News. For further details regarding All things Phantom of the Opera, please visit Greensleeves Musik's Page ...

FaceBook ~ Redux XI:


Adieu! Musik th_tumblr_lrvv318J9D1r386nuo4_250.gif

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~ ... Anyone familiar with the author of "Le Fantôme de I'Opéra" will recognize the name of Gaston Leroux as the man who started it all when in 1909 the Phantom first appeared in the French newspaperLe Gaulois.

~ To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Joel Schumacher's film, the Redux's Very Special Guest - Gaston Leroux's Great-Granddaughter Véronique - joined by other members of the Leroux family - will be flying in from Paris to join us!. This promises to be a very unique Redux. See everyone is two weeks ...

Adieu! Musik ~ Opera Ghost's Secretary


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