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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry on Live Kelly/Michael on 6/13


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as listed on Interbridge

Fr 6/13: Gerard Butler, Josh Groban, Eric Ripert, guest co-host Mark Consuelos

and wiki

June 13 Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos Gerard Butler, Josh Groban, LIVE's Superstar Chefs Farm-to-Table Challenge - Éric Ripert

:hmm: doesn't seem right...unless it's a pre-taped HTTYD2 promo - Anyone find something out please post!

Live guest calendar is currently only updated through June 10th.

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Thanks Marg.

It's promo for HTTYD 2...don't know if it is pre-taped insert or remote, but doubt he'd break from GOE filming for promo. :D

He's also on NBC's Today Thurs 6/12 7-9AM per (7-9 a.m.) Modern Dads. Gerard Butler and Jay Baruchel talk about How to Train Your Dragon 2. Today’s Kitchen with Pete Evans from NBC

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Hi Ladies,

Happy Monday to you all!.

I guess Gerry will be taping the Kelly and Michael Show on June 12th. If anyone has any other information I would really appreciate it. I'm thinking about playing hooky from work and coming into the city that day. I know that I can't get tickets to the show, but maybe I could catch a glimpse of Gerry. :)

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I don't think anyone knows for sure Kathleen. I was looking for a phone number to call the show but there wasn't one. According to the site the tickets have been sold out a long time, but I heard of some fans getting them. I know in the past I got into the show thinking Gerry was taping and he had already taped it previously. You just never know. There's a possibility of standing outside of the Today show when he's on or waiting to see him when he arrives for the Seth Myers Show. Sorry I can't help more...


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