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Gerard Butler GALS

Live! Kelly & Michael...social media, press pics, etc. 6/12-13


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:wave: Andrea! We hope to have it available in Multimedia soon as Abrock was planning on recording for us!


In the meantime, a recap from the lovely folks at recapto.com

Kelly & Michael: Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler, “one of our favorite Scottish imports,” came by to talk to Kelly & Mark Consuelos about his new movie How to Train Your Dragon 2. He was great with the audience when he was coming out. He was hugging everybody. “It takes me a while,” he said. Butler made Mark hug and kiss him. “Well that’s all the time we have for Gerard Butler, thanks for being here,” Kelly said.

Kelly & Michael: Gods of Egypt

Butler just got back from Australia. He was shooting movie called Gods of Egypt, which is a big mythical adventure movie. It was fun.

Kelly & Michael: Gerard Butler Bachelorette Party

Gerard Butler had an encounter with a bachelorette party while in Australia, which is actually called a hen party. He was looking for a house, but took a boat to get there. On the way back, the captain said he was picking up the party and thought it would be awesome if he played a joke and said he was there for them. So he sent his friends away and he jumped out and said, “Hello ladies! I’m here for your wedding! Let’s go and have some fun!”

They freaked out. Mark said he couldn’t imagine what the men were thinking. They were probably thinking, “What’s the worst that can happen?” and then Butler showed up. Kelly asked if the wedding was called off. He said he didn’t actually go to the party, he just jumped out and took some pictures. They weren’t buying it.

Kelly & Michael: Scotland is the Manliest Country

Scotland was just voted the manliest country in the world. Butler agrees. They’ve spent thousands of years having to prove their masculinity. They were the only ones to keep the Roman’s out and they built a wall to keep them out. There were also Vikings. Plus, the English.

Butler said that Australia’s pretty manly too. Mark brought up “Agro” which is short for aggressive. Butler went out with an Outback specialist and caught crocodiles. You move them because they’re endangered. It was pretty nerve-wracking. He also chased wild boars. Everything there can kill you. He had so many injuries. He just had to “rub some dirt on it.” Butler mentioned he’s had PRP like Consuelos!

Kelly & Michael: Gerard Butler Scottish Viking

Kelly asked how they cast a Scottish man to play a Viking in How to Train Your Dragon 2. They came up to him and asked him. There’s a lot of Viking blood in Scotland, and the Vikings took a lot of them back up north. Then they cast all Americans, and he wasn’t so sure his accent would work. They also got Craig Ferguson, which represents the older generation.

Kelly & Michael: Gerard Butler Stoick the Vast

This time Butler is a happier Stoick the Vast. Things are good between humans and dragons and his son isn’t a weirdo anymore. Cate Blanchett plays his wife. They’ve never worked together. They recorded separately. They haven’t met at any premieres. They may never meet.

Kelly & Michael: How to Train Your Dragon 2 Review

They played a clip of How to Train Your Dragon 2. Stoick finds out that his wife is still alive. He’s shocked. She said she knows he’s going to say, which was why she didn’t come back to him, but he never showed any signs that he was going to change. She thought their son would be better off without her. He called her beautiful and kissed her. “Even animated he’s extremely charming,” Consuelos said. How to Train Your Dragon 2 is in theaters now.



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Actually found a transcript (!) of the show for today, June 13, 2014; here's Gerry's segment:

Here comes one of our favorite scottish exports. Please welcome back to the show, the very talented and charming gerard butler.


>> Hey! Hello! Hello! Oh. Hello, hello. Give me a hug. How are you? Hello. All right. Takes me a while.


How are you? Hey. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello.

Kelly: Hi, jerry. Hi.

>> Hi. How are you?

Kelly: Good to see you. My husband, mark consuelos.

Mark: How about a kiss?



Kelly: Well, that's all the time we have for gerard butler. Thanks for being here.

>> It's a pleasure. Good to see you.

Kelly: Now, you're just fresh from australia, right? You just got back?

>> Yeah. We're shooting a movie down there called "gods of egypt." A bigamist tal adventure movie.

Kelly: Sounds exciting.

>> Yeah, it was fun.

Kelly: And I heard you had an encounter a bunch of women at a bachelor party?

Mark: It's called a hen party, right?

>> Yeah. When you move to a place, you have to look for a house. You stay in a hotel for a few days. I was looking for a house but we took a boat to go there because it was in the middle of nowhere and on the way back, the captain on the boat says we're picking up a bachelorette party and played a yolk and saying it would be cool if you were going having a bachelorette party for them.

Mark: Did they freak out?

>> Yeah.

Mark: Can you imagine the guys? The husbands or the boyfriends or fiances saying we're going to go out and have a hen party. What's the worst that can happen? Gerard butler is going to show up.

Kelly: It's not like gerard butler's going to be there.

Mark: And these chubby guys drinking -- all the hens are at the party and then gerard butler shows up.

Kelly: See that?

>> And then they check instagram, oh, no.

Kelly: Was the wedding called off?


>> I have no idea what happened after that. I didn't actually go on the boat with them. I took some photos and went --

Kelly: Sure, you didn't. All right, all right. We ended up on that boat for a week.

>> It was amazing.


Kelly: I have to say that you -- I announced you as our favorite scottish import and you are but scotland was just voted the manliest country in the world.


As a man from scotland, do you agree?

>> You know, I think it's a pretty manly country. It seems like we've spent thousands of years having to prove our masculinity. Even in the roman empire, we're the only ones that kicked the romans out. They built a wall to kick us out. It's been the settle asks the vikings and the normans and english for a long time.

Kelly: Right.

>> But in australia, they're pretty manly.

Mark:ing a rockers I think it's called. Sort for aggressive.

>> Oh, no. Well, yeah, it can be. But when I was out there, we went out with this kind of outback specialist and ended up catching crocodiles. You move these crocodiles because they're endangered zone and the next minute, I'm on a chopper with a crocodile on my lap and it was taped up but I'm kind of thinking if this thing starts to thrash and it was just my chest and the pilot right in front of me. And they had me chasing wild boar. And I'm exactly -- I'm from scotland. He's like well, go catch that wild boar. Be careful because he can kill you.

Mark: Everything there can kill you. Spiders will eat your hand off.

>> Yeah, yeah. And we would be fishing. We did a bunch of fishing. Don't go too close. There's crocodiles in there. It was one of these -- I mean, I came out of that few days along with so many injuries. I cut myself on coral. The wild pigott a bite of me as well.

Kelly: No kidding?

Mark: Just rub some dirt on it. That's what they say, right?

>> I've done those p.r.p. Injections too.

Mark: Where?

>> I had seven.

Mark: Where?

>> And the record you said before had been five for an american football player. It was just for "300." But it doesn't just make your neck swell --



Mark: You're welcome.

>> It makes everything swell. It's not all bad.

Kelly: Oh.

>> Anyway --

Kelly: Speaking of swelling things, we have to talk about stoick which we're going to do. We're going to take a commercial break. You play a viking on on the show. We'll return.

Announcer: Watch every day next week for "live"'s "tropical tune-in to win" question of the day and your opportunity to win a six-night for two in turtle beach in barbados. Go to livekellyandmichael.com for all the details.

Kelly: Welcome back to the show. We're with gerard butler from "how to train your dragon 2." How do they cast a scottish man to play a viking?

>> I don't know. They just came to me a few years ago and said are you interested in doing this? Those vikings took a lot of scots back up north to scandanavia. And I think you get that sense about scottish accent that it feels like that kind of thing, you know.

Kelly: Right.

>> But then they cast all americans and I thought are you sure you want me doing this scottish? But we got craig ferguson and it represents the older generation, you know, more traditional.

Kelly: And this is a kinder -- not kinder, a happier stoick this time around?

Mark: You're proud of your son, hiccup?

>> Yeah. Because we're starting the movie and everything is pretty good between humans and drog gones the weight of the world has been lifted off me because my son is not a weirdo anymore.

Kelly: Right.


>> And then of course, my wife turns up, which -- cate blanchett.

Kelly: Cate blanchett plays your wife.

>> Fun -- it's cate blanchett!

Kelly: Have you not worked with cate blanchett before?

>> No.

Kelly: Were you together or separate?

>> I would love to lie and say yes, but no. We had an amazing time in the recording of the movie. Kate -- she was such a wonderful and charming woman to work with.


Kelly: Have you met at any of the premieres or anything?

>> No, because I was in australia and I was at the premiere in l.a. And she couldn't make that.

Mark: Maybe she's avoiding you.

>> I wish I had brought that up.


Mark: All right so we're going to look at a scene. In this clip, stoick sees that his loving wife is still alive. Let's take a look.

>> I know what you're going to say, stoick. Why didn't I come back to you? Well, what sign did I have that you could change, stoick, that anyone on burk could?

>> This is why I never marry. This and one other reason.

>> I know that I left you to raise hiccup alone. But I thought he would be better off without me. Oh, stop being so stoic, stoick. Say something!

>> You're as beautiful as the ay I lost you.


Mark: We have goose bumps. Even animated! Even animated, he's extremely charming.

Kelly: Yes, that's right.

Mark: Well, we love the first movie. I'm sure the second movie is going to be great.

Kelly: It opens today. Check out gerard butler in "how to train your dragon 2." Up next, josh groban's going to be here. Stick around.

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I saw it and Gerry was wonderful as always. Lordy, he is gorgeous. I hope we do get a video--I was without internet for over a year and unable to feed my need with youtube videos and it was great to have the GALs multimedia available. It's a great service for your members. Thank you.

Meantime, I love having the transcript; my hearing is not good so it's nice to fill in the parts I missed. So thanks for that also.

On the show they played a clip from the movie with Stoick and Valka. WOW--brought tears to my eyes. And as Mark said, even animated he is charming.

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Hope Abrock could record the segment with Gerry because for some reason Live with Kelly and Michael is not showing a video of his interview. They have Josh's video though. Strange!

~HUGS~ Kathy

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:wave: Andrea! We hope to have it available in Multimedia soon as Abrock was planning on recording for us!

That'd be awesome!

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