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Vegas PJ Party THANK YOUs!


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I wanted to take a moment to thank those that made the Vegas PJ Party so much fun!

FIRST and MOST IMPORTANTLY, THANKS and HUGS to everyone that ATTENDED!! Without YOU, there wouldn't have been the laughs, fun and FELLOWSHIP that make such gatherings so meaningful and memorable! THANKS to those who were there in Spirit, too! Reminiscing about past events with those absent from the party was a big part of the fun.


KB, Celine & Cheryl for being willing to pick up the baton and running with it! While this was no convention, the ease with which we came together for the sake of a "relaxed party" was a beautiful thing! Here's to future brainstorming over impromptu Chinese food gotten off the beaten path!

Sporran: While your physical presence was missed, your spirit was carried with us! THANK YOU for collecting, creating and shipping all those goodies to TST so that we could enjoy the FUNdraising! There's no way we could've raised our $1,170 without ye. And while the amount may be small in comparison to the Convention, every penny was given with a happy heart! I pray that everything is well and you can "physically" re-join us next year. ((hugs))

Sara, Suzie, Elissa, Mary McLarty, Cheryl, Annemarie and all other contributors to the raffle/auction: You gals knocked the "gift donations" out of the park! Suzie & Elissa donated the bookmarks, Gerry blanket and diamond candle, while Sara & Mary sweetened "goody bags" with Gerry pendants, magnets and pins, etc! Annemarie, your "pug" collection in particular was a rousing success. Cheryl, your generosity in donating the signed items and HTTYD swag is, as usual, overwhelming!

Photog Michael: THANKS for taken time out to photograph a bunch of gals, ogling over Gerard Butler, acting crazy in Vegas, giddy from being without kids and/or escaping real life, fisting junkfood for 2 days and NEVER making us feel self-conscious about it!!

Barb & gbGALS: For uploading pics and encouraging/allowing us to gather here at GALS to promote, discuss and "concoct." :-P It's why I LOVE being a GAL!

Landa: for the COOKIES!! We jumped on those bad boys like a rat on a cheeto! You really outdid yourself and that's saying something! NOM as usual! :-)

Dawn & Issy: for running nibblie errands, making bracelets and general awesomeness!

Deb: For PIN THE PICKLE! Your "pickles" (and prizes) were a wonderful addition!! Thanks for the effort to create and carry it out.

Annemarie, Brenda & Sally: for the behind the scenes EXTRA FUNDS to buy pizza and nibblies! As is always the case, the generosity of FANmily never ceases to amaze!

DeAndre and TST: For CAKE and license plate frames and for allowing us to come in to share the Gerry goodness/goofiness with all your "guests."

Marlene: for LUNCH! You may have gotten that past us once, but we're onto ye now!! :-P

I know by posting this kind of list I run the risk of forgetting someone. And with my menopausal memory, I fully expect to shoot straight up from a dead sleep with recollection of an omission! So I reserve the right to edit this post and I beg and plead your forgiveness.

Whether it's a convention or a party next year, remains to be seen. Start saving now because we're doing SOMETHING! ;-)

:hugs: to all


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:boobsquish: It was my supreme pleasure to make our party in Vegas a wee bit more fun. I have missed me girlies, and this weekend was a balm for my bruised soul. You ladies will never know just how much I treasure all of you.

To the Ladies who could not be there; You were missed and included in our hearts.

Hol- where does the line start for next year? I've got my lawn chair, Gutter blender and 1K ft extension cord ready. Sally's bringing the cooler!

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Hol- where does the line start for next year? I've got my lawn chair, Gutter blender and 1K ft extension cord ready. Sally's bringing the cooler!

... and I've got dollar bills for the POTO slot machine and the zippo! :highfive:

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I SOOOOO missed all of you but am happy to have helped out ever so slightly- My plan (HOPEFULLY) is to be there next year-- come Hell or high water and 2 graduations.. and that POTO machine is calling my name :p

Annie :wave:

(I haven't been in here for so long I almost forgot how LOL)

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I second this post!

The whole thing was awesome. I enjoyed every minute of it, runny nose and all.


Without you two this would have been one of those things "we should have done" or "wouldn't it have been great if" stories.

Hats off to you! It is a labour of love and I am sincerely grateful that you care so much

Xx Snap xx

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It was without a doubt the best Vegas gathering ever! :highfive: Big hugs and :ty: to all involved in making it happen. Convention or party, I'll be there! I HAVE to play that POTO machine, and I don't even gamble (except for raffle tickets.) :rotflmao:

So many of you were missed! Hope to see you all there next year! Don't make me come get you! :lol:

Edited by Lady Elissa
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I second what Snap said!

Hol and KB went the distance to make the weekend a huge success!
I was happy to play a small part.

Gathering or Convention, I'm there next year! Can't miss seeing my GALS!

Love and boob squishing hugs to all!


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Our gathering was good holiday fun. You all made it that way, and I thank all of you for the laughter. LOTS of laughter.

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Holly, everyone was so willing to pitch in with you, KB, Cheryl and Celine to make this party happen, but you guys did the leg work. Fantastic job, all of you!! :clap: Thank YOU for your hard work, your imagination and your Gerry Juice powered sense of FUN! Let's do it again!!! :rockon:


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