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9/17 - Gerard Butler: I’m raw


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Gerard Butler: I’m raw

Gerard Butler likes to keep himself looking as “raw as he can”.

The 44-year-old Scottish actor is known for his handsomely rugged appearance, which has resulted in him becoming the face of Hugo Boss’ fragrance Boss Bottled.

On the topic of men being more willing to talk about how they brush-up these days, Gerard revealed he keeps things simple when looking after his own dapper facade.

“I’m not really going to tell you the truth: ‘It’s an hour in make-up.’ No,” he joked to gq-magazine.co.uk. “But I guess men are more willing to talk about grooming now. You know, you hear of guys trimming and shaving their legs and I’m like; ‘What are you guys doing?’ That’s never been me, nor ever will be. I’m always rough shaven. I always like to stay pretty much as raw as I can, but I use face cream and fragrance and I put stuff in my hair. I just don’t get too caught up in it.”

While he doesn’t take part in many beauty regimes, Gerard does admit to getting caught up in one particular Hollywood health craze. But that doesn’t mean he stops indulging in his favourite treats when the opportunity arises.

“Oh, I’ve done juice cleanses. They’re a great way to lose weight and to clean a lot of c**p out of your system. But I still wouldn’t know kale if it hit me in the face – I’m too Scottish for that!” he noted.

“It’s never going to happen. I remember when I was reading the script for Dear Frankie where this character worked in a fish and chip shop and they were always saying ‘salt and vinegar’ and my mouth would be watering every time I read it. Without fail, when I get back home the first thing I do is go and get fish and chips.”

Gerard also admits the rumour he used to bite his toenails is true, but that he hasn’t been able to reach his feet with his mouth for 20 years now.

From Macs London

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