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9/24 - 'He was a gentleman on set!' Yaya Deng says Gerard Butler helped hone her acting skills

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He knew it was her debut movie so A-list movie star Gerard Butler made sure to take Yaya Deng under his wing on the set of Gods of Egypt.

Filming together in Australia earlier this year, the Scottish heartthrob gave 'feedback' and 'advice' to the Kenyan-born former The Face contestant.

'Gerard was great. I had a couple of scenes with him. He would give you feedback on the spot and he wasn't really intimidating or telling you what to do,' she told told Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday at a VIP event for Hugo Boss in Sydney.

'It was really great that he saw that it was my first movie and he was like, "alright, I can give this girl some advice"'.

'The way I looked at it was, here are all of these amazing people who have been in the industry for a long time and here I am as a rookie and I can really talk to them and get some advice from them and really learn from them,' she explained.

Although the former other half of Jennifer Aniston has quite the reputation as a ladies man, Yaya said she didn't notice that on set.

'He's quite a gentleman actually,' she said.

She also loved working with Abbey Lee Kershaw, who also stars in the movie, as she 'looks up to' her and follows her modelling career.

Yaya is 'so excited' about the movie coming out in February 2016 and is hoping to get even more experience before its release date.

'I'm looking at taking more acting classes just to perfect my skill so when the film does come out and scripts start coming in I can really be able to project my skills better.'

And although her career is going from success to success, she still has a backup career plan, just in case.

'I started politics and international relation at Sydney University and that's what I'm going back to,' she said.

'I'm now on a gap year... If my career takes off then I won't be going back.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2768200/He-gentleman-set-Yaya-Deng-says-ladies-man-Gerard-Butler-helped-hone-acting-skills-working-movie-Gods-Egypt.html#ixzz3EG5N8mUF
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