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Gerard Butler GALS

Contribute to Mary's Meals in Honor of Gerry's 45th B'day!


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How Mary's Meals Works

Mary's Meals is a global movement that sets up school feeding projects in some of the world's poorest communities,

where hunger and poverty prevent children from gaining an education.

The provide one daily meal in a place of learning to attract chronically poor children into a classroom

where they receive an education that can, in the future, be their ladder out of poverty.

Mary's Meals began by feeding 200 children in Malawi in 2002. Today they feed over 920,000 children every day.

Paypal account: GiftsInHonorOfGerardButler@gmail.com

If you'd rather mail a check please make a notation: Gift-Gerard Butler Birthday

Payable to:

Holly Ghere
3140 S. Winston Ave., Ste. 2
Tulsa, OK 74135

This is a charity that means a lot to Gerry and will do a world of good for the children.
To read more about his involvement, and watch a video of his trip to Liberia last year,

check out the thread here and another here.

Child 31 - The Story of Mary's Meals

No amount is too small so if you can please consider this worthy cause as we celebrate Gerry and show our love for him.


At which time, all funds collected on behalf of Gerry will be submitted to Mary's Meals.

Thank you to member Christy40 for the suggestion!

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Another item, but I didn't want to clutter the above post, this from Gerry's FB earlier in the year:

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Thank you for putting this together and as soon as my credit card bill clear I will make a 40.00 donation.

I will post the information on other Gerry sites that I go on

:wave: You are welcome! Thank you, again, for the suggestion of Mary's Meals.

Graphics are by Paisleyscot/Cheryl :goodjob: and there will be more added soon. :D

Sent! :) Thank you for the opportunity!!

:thankyou: for your contribution!

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Christy also made Gerry a card that she is planning on sending to Gerry telling him about this undertaking and she asked if I would post it for her.



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I will probably be making donation either next week or the next one. I had surgery on my right upper wrist on Tuesday to have a cyst removed and now I am only able to use one hand and it is hard for me to type with one hand

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  • 2 weeks later...

We've had a great response!! While 11/30 was the cut-off date, some have contacted me to let me know they've put checks in the mail. For this reason, I will allow for postal delivery same and intend on mailing a check to Mary's Meals for all collected sums on Friday, December 5th. I'm in the process of creating an accounting and will post same on Friday, too.




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