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Gerard Butler GALS

2015 TENTATIVE Penthouse & Pajamas

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As you may know, we've spent the last two years planning to produce a full-on

celebratory convention for our TENTH YEAR of gathering.

Sadly, the financial demands of doing so have, once again, proven infeasible.

While it has been very disappointing to accept that we will not be hosting a "convention,"

we want to continue to provide the opportunity

for friends and FANmily to gather for the purpose of

renewing personal friendships and enjoying much-needed "me" time

all while partaking of general overall GERRY GOODNESS! (naughtiness? :cunning: )

So another "PJ Party" (aka "Convention Light" as it was dubbed by 2014 partiers)

is in the works for 2015!

With the growing demand for "plans,"

we are announcing the TENTATIVE plans


WHAT: 2015 Penthouse & PJ Party in Las Vegas

WHEN: TENTATIVE - Friday, August 21-23 OR Friday, August 28th, thru check-out on Sunday, August 30th

The dates chosen mark the beginning of "off season sales" and is the weekend BEFORE Labor Day.

"Plan C" dates include 2nd weekend of June.

WHERE: We do NOT have a hotel "locked down" and are in the process of shopping venues.

This info will be released as soon as it's available (expect end of March announcement).

HOW MUCH: $160.00 per person is the current budget based on 30ppl. It is intended to cover 2 nights/days of partying in the Suite (if you don't want to sleep in a chair, you'll need to book your own room for a bed), non-alcoholic drinks, pizza/food, nibblies, paypal fees, etc.)

If we don't make the 30ppl, we will cut corners as we did last year and will pass the hat for spontaneous meal "modifications."

As soon as we've "etched everything in stone," we'll start taking payments.

Last year's party was described as:

BYOB Penthouse & Pajama Party celebrating Gerard Butler's life, career and "person" :cunning: Party starts about 4p on Friday, [TO BE DETERMINED as of 01/18/15] and ends at check-out on Sunday. Be prepared for all sorts of "Gerry Games" (e.g., Pin the Pie on the Gerry, GINGO (Gerry Bingo), G-Twister, ETC.), TVs full of Gerry goodness, pizza, LOTS of nibblies (aka "finger" food suitable for movie watching and gigglegasms) There will be a break in the action for a field trip to The Shade Tree on Saturday afternoon. Fun, friendship and lusting to resume soon thereafter. If you're not interested in going to TST, there is absolutely NO pressure to go. For those staying behind, you'll be in charge of keeping the DVDs running and M&M bowls filled. :party:

Plans currently include raffle baskets for "light fundraising" on behalf of TST and Angels of East Africa. The emphasis is on LIGHT. As last year's party goers can attest, the party will not revolve around fundraising, but will (hopefully) enhance the fun. The baskets are an offering to those who like this aspect of the "convention" and who enjoy chances to win Gerry loot. :funnyface:

If you want to contribute items to this part of the event, drop an email to gbpjparty@gmail.com. If you're crafty and would like to contribute to the "party favors," let me know. (Last year's contributions were OUTSTANDING!)



1. Many of us have been "playing slots" on an app called MyVegas. MyVegas is a slot machine game from the MGM group of hotels (Aria, Monte Carlo, Bellagio, MGM, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Mirage, Excalibur, New York New York). You play slots or blackjack and earn experience points and loyalty points along the way. Your experience points help you build new hotels, and earn playing chips, your loyalty points help you win rewards from your game play. Of particular interest are the 2-for-1 buffets, monorail passes, show tickets, etc. (If you split a buffet with a friend, you can get a high-dollar buffet for $15! (Still pricey, but a nice "treat.") If you get monorail passes, your transportation is FREE. If you're REAL GAMEY, you can even acquire free rooms at the above-listed properties. On the FB app, the more "friends" we have playing, the more chips we get to give each other.

If we can find a suite to accommodate our needs at either Monte Carlo, Mandalay Bay or Mirage, we'll book it in order to get the most bang for the myvegas "free bucks."

2. GROUPON for Las Vegas! (Groupon is an iGive participant, too. So, if you use it, Rising Phoenix gets a donation. DOUBLE WIN!)

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I've not played it on a kindle. I play on my android phone, by overrated ipad and my laptop. The "apps" are different than the desktop. If you're on a desk/laptop, be sure to visit "my strip" every day, several times a day, along with taking your daily spins for "free money." (On the apps/desktop, they'll give you more money after 30 mins, an hour, etc.) (Also, I'm sending you at least 50 chips a day, be sure to collect your "gifts.") I just cashed in 52k chips for a free midweek room on our upcoming scouting trip, and I've already got enough for half price buffets. (Which, when split with friends, turns out to be about $10 for a Vegas buffet. Ye can't beat that ... a trip to IHOP is that much.) :-)

These tips may, or may not, work for ye. Just some ideas. :kiss:

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I just played again on the Kindle and lucked into a couple of big jackpots, so I have chips again without having to buy any! If I play on both the Kindle and the Desktop, do my scores combine? By the way, :ty: for the chips, Holly!

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