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We're back to DEFCON 1...


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The time for flowery posts and pleading puppydog eyes has passed! The paypal account is EMPTY and we only have one month's payment left in savings. After that, there are no funds. At the time of this writing, after January, we'll have to close for business.

I KNOW we're all tight on funds and the timing sucks. We've always been able to rally in the past, but we've once again found ourselves at THIS IS IT. We've only received one donation since September. :-( If we can't raise funds, the immediate future of the website is in question. We hope to be able to maintain the photo gallery, but it ALL hangs in the balance.


Donations can be submitted online through Paypal or mailed as money orders/checks.

Option 1- PAYPAL: (One must have a PayPal account established to use this option)

Log into PayPalClick the "Send Money" tab.Put support@gerardbutlergals.com as the email address you're sending to, and donate the amount you want.(PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR SCREENNAME in the "notes" area)NOTE: There is a handy 'Donate' box on the left side of the Forum Home Page, too!

Option 2 - Paper Check By Snail Mail:

Send a check, payable to GB GALS,

Susan Payette

P.O. Box 17915

Irvine, CA 92623-7915

In the memo section, please indicate "Support" (AND INCLUDE YOUR SCREENNAME)

For anyone that makes a donation of at least $25, you will receive a 4" x 11" 50-sheet "Gerard Butler themed" notepad as my personal thank you. (I'd post a pic, but they're being created in my head as we speak.)

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