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Gerry Character Survivor 2015

Lady Elissa

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I cannot vote to send Sam or Frosty away.

I vote to send Creedy home and will try to dodge the bullets! :naughty:


LOL, Bonnie! Eventually we do have to get down to only one character in order to have a champion! They can't all stay. Just sayin'. :duck:

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I haven't been a part of this game in ages and ages BUT if I am allowed to jump in (sorry it's nearing the end) Then I would have to throw my vote to poor Crispy Creedy.

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I'm just gonna have to hang my head and say good-bye.................Sam................hhmmmmmmm



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Got your vote, Kathy. :)

Getting down to the meaty few that are left!!!! Something tells me it is going to be a wild finish.

~HUGS~ Kathy

Hey, as long as we don't have any more ties, I'll be happy! (Although I do have my favorite to win) ;)

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And one by one they will continue to go home. My vote is for Sam to go home this week.


I vote to send Sam home this week. Feeling sad....


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Got it, Judy. The good news is, we'll have our Champion in just a few weeks now, and the other guys will all get to compete again next year! :D

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Welcome to Gerry Character Survivor 2015

Week 22: And then there were four! NO MORE IMMUNITY VOTES!

Each week (weeks 21-24) we will vote to eliminate ONE man from the game until only ONE man remains. That man will be the 2015 Champion and will join the previous winners in the Hall of Champions. The Champion will be announced at the beginning of Week 25.

This thread is open to discussion about Gerry's characters, and why you love or dislike specific characters. Feel free to form alliances to save your favorites from elimination!

Voting will end each week on Sunday at 8pm Pacific time, 10pm Central time, and 11pm Eastern time. (NO LATE VOTES WILL BE ACCEPTED.)

Our previous champions are: Erik, the Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), Gerry Kennedy (P. S. I Love You), Andre Marek (Timeline), Attila (Attila), Beowulf (Beowulf & Grendel), Mike Banning (Olympus Has Fallen), and The Stranger (Dear Frankie). Please note that they are NOT included in this tournament. They are enjoying retirement in the Hall of Champions where there are no unhappy endings. They are replaying their movies and telling each other tall tales of their days of glory.

Eliminated last week was Sam Childers.

Week 22- Please vote one OFF

Frosty Hesson- Chasing Mavericks th_aaf7bce5-5880-409e-bd00-5e51cd17374e.

Johnnie Donne - The Jury th_dawnmandatorypic2.jpg

King Leonidas - 300 th_300_video1_18.jpg

Creedy - Reign of Fire th_normal_amer063.jpg


Week 1: Chaun and Lead Seaman

Week 2: Sea Captain and Cassius

Week 3: Burke and Chris Kumac

Week 4: Jacko and Peter (Little White Lies)

Week 5: Peter (Please) and Yasha
Week 6: Tim Bolton and Marty Claymore
Week 7: Gus and Charles Bellamy + Archie Brown (tie for 2nd vote)
Week 8: Jackie, Jr. and Sam (One More Kiss)
Week 9: Tullus Aufidius and Stoick
Week 10: Kable and Neil Randall
Week 11: Milo Boyd
Week 12: Frank Borghi

Week 13: Dracula

Week 14: Jack Rusoe
Week 15: One-Two
Week 16: Mike Chadway
Week 17: Alex Rover
Week 18: George Dryer
Week 19: Terry Sheridan
Week 20: Clyde Shelton
Week 21: Sam Childers

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I vote to send Johnnie home! Part of me wants to strategically save him til the very end just to make it easier during the last vote, but I don't want to see any of the other guys go either!

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