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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry Character Survivor 2015

Lady Elissa

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Great immunity question. So many possibilities.

I think I will go with voting Frosty off this week.

My answer to the immunity question would be Creedy. If he could survive the initial stage of the apocalypse with the dragons breathing fire on everyone, I think the skills needed to survive with just a knife and a canteen of water would be a piece of cake. He needs to stop trying to save everyone else though and concentrate on saving himself.

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I will go along with voting off Mike. (so sad...but Mikey you can come hang out with me and George)

I think the Terry Sheridan would do very well in these circumstances .... he also has lots of background to be able to take care of himself.

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Sue, did you kidnap George? :naughty: He's supposed to be on Exile Island with Leonidas and Johnnie this week!

Got your vote and answer to the Immunity Question, too! :D

Edited by Lady Elissa
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Guys, this is tricky. With knife and water it's probalbly Clyde. He's so resourceful that he can create a bomb using only a single ribbon so surviving with such amenities is easy. But remove knife and water and it's Leo. So this week I must wote Clyde to the island, Sam - go home.

In addition I must clarify something. I vote(d) for Leo not for the reason several of us mentioned - he should have won but he didn't. I voted for him for his lovely back so clearly visible in one memorable scene! :pantingheart:

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Yes, I guess I'll say bye-bye to th_gbTeamMike_zps2vperzqy.gifChadway

Immunity question-- th_gb%20frosty_zps811wbsgz.jpg th_gb%20frosty%20jay_zpsgx7ts3rv.jpg Frosty--He was very dedicated in his training for the big waves--not only physically but mentally as well. He was focused on his surroundings & his own strengths & weaknesses. He worked with his hands in construction, building & renovating things----all of which are excellent attributes of a survivor.

Anyway---look at the muscle in that arm!!!!! That right there is enough for me---- :thud: Oh wait----what was the question??? LOL



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Got your vote and answer to the Immunity Question, Diana.

I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's answers! You've all made some very good points! :)

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I vote off..... TeamMike.gif

My answer to the question is LEONIDAS who would go the extra MILE to survive against all odds and fight to the death with just a sword. He certainly survived against all odds until the numbers were against him.

~HUGS~ Kathy

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I vote to send Clyde home.

King Leo would survive with so little because he would never give up on getting back to his son and Queen Gorgo.


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I vote off Mike Chadway.

I reluctantly vote for Terry Sheridan on the Immunity Question, because surviving impossible odds was a way of life for him - the more danger, the more challenging, he took it...........plus he was extremely conniving. He would kill anyone and do anything to save himself (very painful choice - but I'm quite sure he isn't gonna' win, anyway, at least not this round.).

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Got it, Bonnie! That's the way these Immunity Questions are supposed to be answered. You answered honestly about the character you chose, even though he isn't your choice to win the tournament. That's the way I felt about my answer about Clyde as well. :)

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Sara, I got your vote to kick Mike off, but there's no more Exile Island vote. Sent you a pm about the Immunity Question. :)

Edited by Lady Elissa
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Sorry, Elissa

I guess I would say that Clyde Shelton would survive because he was so skilled at creating devices to do all kinds of things. Brilliant mind, even though it all went wrong. :Clyde3:



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Think I will make it in time....cutting it close, as I, too often, do.

Guess I will go along with voting Mike Chadway off this week. Let it be known that I do have a special affection for this character, tho.

Along with several others I think King Leo would do just fine with whatever weapon he had--he is just one heck of a fighter/survivor!! So

lets save him this week.


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Welcome to Gerry Character Survivor 2015

Week 17: Immunity Questions continue!

Each week (weeks 16-20) or until only 5 men remain, we will vote to eliminate one man from the game and will answer one Immunity Question, saying which man "fits" the question and WHY. Incomplete answers (those that do not give a reason) will not count. The man who is named as the "answer" to the Immunity Question by the most players in one week will be immune from elimination the following week. At the end of the Immunity Questions round of play, the surviving man with the most "wins" will receive an additional week of immunity at the conclusion of this round of play.

This thread is open to discussion about Gerry's characters, and why you love or dislike specific characters. Feel free to form alliances to save your favorites from elimination!

Voting will end each week on Sunday at 8pm Pacific time, 10pm Central time, and 11pm Eastern time. (NO LATE VOTES WILL BE ACCEPTED.)

Our previous champions are: Erik, the Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), Gerry Kennedy (P. S. I Love You), Andre Marek (Timeline), Attila (Attila), Beowulf (Beowulf & Grendel), Mike Banning (Olympus Has Fallen), and The Stranger (Dear Frankie). Please note that they are NOT included in this tournament. They are enjoying retirement in the Hall of Champions where there are no unhappy endings. They are replaying their movies and telling each other tall tales of their days of glory.

Eliminated last week was Mike Chadway. The Immunity Question winners were Clyde Shelton and King Leonidas (tie). They are both immune from elimination this week.

Week 17 - Please make your vote very clear. For example: I vote to kick off (send home, boot off, eliminate, etc) Joe Blow. The answer to the Immunity Question is John Doe, BECAUSE......(Answers that give no reason will NOT count)

In no specific order, here are our competitors: Please vote one OFF. Please answer this Immunity Question: Which man would you NOT want your daughter to become involved with, and WHY? Please note that "because he's my favorite," “because he’s cute,” "because I want him to win," etc. are NOT acceptable reasons and will NOT be counted! :duck:

Frosty Hesson- Chasing Mavericks

Sam Childers - Machine Gun Preacher

Terry Sheridan - Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

Johnnie Donne - The Jury

Clyde Shelton - Law Abiding Citizen -Immune

Alex Rover – Nim’s Island

King Leonidas - 300 -Immune

Creedy - Reign of Fire

George Dryer– Playing for Keeps


Week 1: Chaun and Lead Seaman

Week 2: Sea Captain and Cassius

Week 3: Burke and Chris Kumac

Week 4: Jacko and Peter (Little White Lies)

Week 5: Peter (Please) and Yasha
Week 6: Tim Bolton and Marty Claymore
Week 7: Gus and Charles Bellamy + Archie Brown (tie for 2nd vote)
Week 8: Jackie, Jr. and Sam (One More Kiss)
Week 9: Tullus Aufidius and Stoick
Week 10: Kable and Neil Randall
Week 11: Milo Boyd
Week 12: Frank Borghi

Week 13: Dracula

Week 14: Jack Rusoe
Week 15: One-Two
Week 16: Mike Chadway
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This week I vote to send Alex Rover home. I wouldn't want my daughter anywhere near Terry Sheridan. He is untrustworthy, can be mean and selfish!


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