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Gerry Character Survivor 2015

Lady Elissa

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I'm going to stick with kicking Frosty off this week.

Argh-these immunity questions are tough. I'm going to go with Terry Sheridan as the man I wouldn't want my daughter to be involved with. Drop dead sexy for sure but wouldn't hesitate to betray her if the situation called for it. Can't have that. But I'll drool a bit (a lot) as he walks away. :pantingheart:

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Got your votes and answers to the Immunity Question, Suzie and Jilly.

I agree with Suzie! This week, my vote is to say farewell to th_TeamAlex.gif

The answer to the Immunity Question is Terry Sheridan because, like Suzie and Jilly said, he's untrustworthy. I would be afraid he would involve her in one of his schemes and leave her holding the bag, or get her killed! Unfortunately for anyone involved with him, Terry is #1, and he always takes care of #1!

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Poor Alex, I love you...but it is time for you to go....but on your way...please stop by :p

I wouldn't want my daughter dating George...because with those gorgeous looks and that charisma, she would fall head over heels for him and he is still so in love with his ex wife and he would only break her heart... when he left her to return to his first love.

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I would like to send Alex home, and I would not like my daughter to go out with Terry Sheridan,he is untrustworthy, he would let her down at the first opportunity and leave her stranded, then he would have me to deal with and he wouldnt like that one little bit.



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Terry can do whatever he wants to me, but he cannot come within a mile of my daughter! That man would throw his own grandmother to the wolves if the money was good!

Oh, and George needs to go home.

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Ugh this one is pretty tricky! I vote to send Terry home. My answer to the Immunity Question would have to be George Dryer, because he just got his second chance with Stacey and I don't want him to blow this one!! :)

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I vote to send Alex home.

I would not want Terry Sheridan around my daughter because he was very callous and was ready to kill Lara in order to have the box. He was a rat through and through. Period.

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I vote off...TeamAlex.gif

I wouldn't want my daughter to have anything to do with Terry Sheridan. He is untrustworthy, a liar and scheming.....but he is a great kisser!!!

~HUGS~ Kathy

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I wouldn't want my daughter to be with Leo. Seriously. He's so busy with training, protecting his city, ruling, killing envoys that he simply doesn't have time to be with any female (including his own wife), so any relationship ends badly. She feels neglected - she cheats - he can't have it - he maybe has her murdered and this is only one of many scenarios. Forget his lovely back, it isn't a good idea, period.

And kick off Sam. Please. He should have been eliminated instead of our poor Dracula.

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I vote for Frosty to go.

I wouldn't want my daughter with Terry Sheridan because he was plain & simple a traitor. Putting aside that he was in his own words (I am Charming).


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Oh man....... I guess poor Alex will have to go :(

Since I have a love for science (being a chemistry teacher/pharmacist) he can drop by my place & discuss "scientific" things

Poor Terry Sheridan....I sure wanted him to take his new found freedom & make something reputable out of his life BUT he just couldn't & he would end up breaking my daughter's heart if not worse.



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Looks like it will be Frosty or Alex to go this week. I like both, but guess I will cast my vote for Frosty to go home.

As for the immunity--I think I was confused last week. My daughters are old enough to date anyone they want, but if I had to choose a very sexy but

rather unsavory character for them to leave alone, it would be Terry Sheridan. He placed money and power ahead of loyalty and love. Rat....


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Welcome to Gerry Character Survivor 2015

Week 18: Immunity Questions continue!

Each week (weeks 16-20) or until only 5 men remain, we will vote to eliminate one man from the game and will answer one Immunity Question, saying which man "fits" the question and WHY. Incomplete answers (those that do not give a reason) will not count. The man who is named as the "answer" to the Immunity Question by the most players in one week will be immune from elimination the following week. At the end of the Immunity Questions round of play, the surviving man with the most "wins" will receive an additional week of immunity at the conclusion of this round of play.

This thread is open to discussion about Gerry's characters, and why you love or dislike specific characters. Feel free to form alliances to save your favorites from elimination!

Voting will end each week on Sunday at 8pm Pacific time, 10pm Central time, and 11pm Eastern time. (NO LATE VOTES WILL BE ACCEPTED.)

Our previous champions are: Erik, the Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), Gerry Kennedy (P. S. I Love You), Andre Marek (Timeline), Attila (Attila), Beowulf (Beowulf & Grendel), Mike Banning (Olympus Has Fallen), and The Stranger (Dear Frankie). Please note that they are NOT included in this tournament. They are enjoying retirement in the Hall of Champions where there are no unhappy endings. They are replaying their movies and telling each other tall tales of their days of glory.

Eliminated last week was Alex Rover. The Immunity Question winner was Terry Sheridan. He is immune from elimination this week.

Week 18 - Please make your vote very clear. For example: I vote to kick off (send home, boot off, eliminate, etc) Joe Blow. The answer to the Immunity Question is John Doe, BECAUSE......(Answers that give no reason will NOT count)

In no specific order, here are our competitors: Please vote one OFF. Please answer this Immunity Question: Which man would make the best husband and father, and WHY? Please note that "because he's my favorite," “because he’s cute,” "because I want him to win," etc. are NOT acceptable reasons and will NOT be counted! :duck:

Frosty Hesson- Chasing Mavericks

Sam Childers - Machine Gun Preacher

Terry Sheridan - Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life - Immune

Johnnie Donne - The Jury

Clyde Shelton - Law Abiding Citizen

King Leonidas - 300

Creedy - Reign of Fire

George Dryer– Playing for Keeps


Week 1: Chaun and Lead Seaman

Week 2: Sea Captain and Cassius

Week 3: Burke and Chris Kumac

Week 4: Jacko and Peter (Little White Lies)

Week 5: Peter (Please) and Yasha
Week 6: Tim Bolton and Marty Claymore
Week 7: Gus and Charles Bellamy + Archie Brown (tie for 2nd vote)
Week 8: Jackie, Jr. and Sam (One More Kiss)
Week 9: Tullus Aufidius and Stoick
Week 10: Kable and Neil Randall
Week 11: Milo Boyd
Week 12: Frank Borghi

Week 13: Dracula

Week 14: Jack Rusoe
Week 15: One-Two
Week 16: Mike Chadway
Week 17: Alex Rover

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Hmmm. This week I'll vote off George Dryer. I thought about him as a good husband and father, but for years he really was lousy at both. However, King Leo clearly loved his son and adored his wife. He lavished as much time and attention on them as possible. In fact, he even called out to his wife as he was dying. So Leonidas has my immunity vote!


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Got your vote and answer to the Immunity Question, Suzie, and I agree with you on both! :)

th_TeamGeorge.gif has worn out his welcome, and needs to go home.

Looking at the list of remaining characters, some were good fathers but lousy husbands. Others were lousy at both. A couple of them had the potential to be good husbands and fathers, but never got the chance. Leonidas was a great husband and father. He got both right. He was a loving father who spent time with his son, and a husband who clearly loved and respected his wife as an equal partner.

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