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Gerry Character Survivor 2015

Lady Elissa

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I'm guessing you kind of enjoy torturing us, Elissa? :gah:

Well, at least the game isn't boring. :p Besides, I like to see all the various answers and the reasons people give. :)

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Welcome to Gerry Character Survivor 2015

Week 19: Immunity Questions continue!

Each week (weeks 16-20) or until only 5 men remain, we will vote to eliminate one man from the game and will answer one Immunity Question, saying which man "fits" the question and WHY. Incomplete answers (those that do not give a reason) will not count. The man who is named as the "answer" to the Immunity Question by the most players in one week will be immune from elimination the following week. At the end of the Immunity Questions round of play, the surviving man with the most "wins" will receive an additional week of immunity at the conclusion of this round of play.

This thread is open to discussion about Gerry's characters, and why you love or dislike specific characters. Feel free to form alliances to save your favorites from elimination!

Voting will end each week on Sunday at 8pm Pacific time, 10pm Central time, and 11pm Eastern time. (NO LATE VOTES WILL BE ACCEPTED.)

Our previous champions are: Erik, the Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), Gerry Kennedy (P. S. I Love You), Andre Marek (Timeline), Attila (Attila), Beowulf (Beowulf & Grendel), Mike Banning (Olympus Has Fallen), and The Stranger (Dear Frankie). Please note that they are NOT included in this tournament. They are enjoying retirement in the Hall of Champions where there are no unhappy endings. They are replaying their movies and telling each other tall tales of their days of glory.

Eliminated last week was George Dryer. The Immunity Question winner was King Leonidas. He is immune from elimination this week.

Week 19 - Please make your vote very clear. For example: I vote to kick off (send home, boot off, eliminate, etc) Joe Blow. The answer to the Immunity Question is John Doe, BECAUSE......(Answers that give no reason will NOT count)

In no specific order, here are our competitors: Please vote one OFF. Please answer this Immunity Question: Which man faced the greatest obstacles, challenges, or difficulties in his life, and WHY? Please note that "because he's my favorite," “because he’s cute,” "because I want him to win," etc. are NOT acceptable reasons and will NOT be counted! :duck:

Frosty Hesson- Chasing Mavericks

Sam Childers - Machine Gun Preacher

Terry Sheridan - Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

Johnnie Donne - The Jury

Clyde Shelton - Law Abiding Citizen

King Leonidas - 300 - Immune

Creedy - Reign of Fire


Week 1: Chaun and Lead Seaman

Week 2: Sea Captain and Cassius

Week 3: Burke and Chris Kumac

Week 4: Jacko and Peter (Little White Lies)

Week 5: Peter (Please) and Yasha
Week 6: Tim Bolton and Marty Claymore
Week 7: Gus and Charles Bellamy + Archie Brown (tie for 2nd vote)
Week 8: Jackie, Jr. and Sam (One More Kiss)
Week 9: Tullus Aufidius and Stoick
Week 10: Kable and Neil Randall
Week 11: Milo Boyd
Week 12: Frank Borghi

Week 13: Dracula

Week 14: Jack Rusoe
Week 15: One-Two
Week 16: Mike Chadway
Week 17: Alex Rover
Week 18: George Dryer

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This week I am finally ready to vote off Terry. He had a good run, but he needs to leave now.

Geez, Elissa, that's a great question and I can make an argument for each of the remaining guys. Many of them had traumatic events recently (like Clyde) and many of them brought on their troubles through bad decisions. (Johnnie). However FROSTY had a traumatic childhood he seldom discussed but that effected his whole life. It especially effected his relationships with his family. Just as he was finally turning things around, he lost his wife. Poor guy needs a break, so I am voting for him to get immunity this week! There. That's my choice...whew!


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Got your vote and answer to the Immunity Question, Suzie. :)

*I'm out the door for my physical therapy appointment, so carry on voting, and I'll catch up and post my own vote when I get home. :)

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Ok. I'm back. Looks like I didn't miss anything. Here's my vote and answer for this week.

Since there's only one character remaining for whom I couldn't think of a single reason the Immunity Question could apply to him, he's the one I'm voting off.

See ya later, th_TeamTerry.gif, you sexy thang you!

The answer to the Immunity Question is Frosty. Like Suzie said, he had a traumatic past that he never talked about, which affected his ability to bond with his own children. Through his foster-father/mentor relationship with Jay, who had issues with his own father, Frosty was beginning to work through his own family issues when his wife suddenly died. Then, shortly after her death, he lost Jay as well in a tragic accident. Talk about a string of bad luck.

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Well goodness!

Yup, I'm gonna say that it's Terry's time to go home...

As for the Immunity Question, I feel like I'm being unfair to Creedy since we don't really know his background...All we know is what we saw in the movie...For all we know he could have had more obstacles than any of the others listed, we just don't know it. However, since we don't know, I can't very well make him my choice while ignoring all the others that we do know.
Johnnie, we know a little more about, but again, it doesn't compare...
I would say Clyde, but really he's only had one, and while it was a ginormous whopper of a blow, the rest of the challenges he faced were the result of his own choices. While I certainly can't blame him, it just doesn't compare...
That leaves me with a toss up between Frosty and Sam. Both are real-life guys and are still living, so who knows what the future holds for them? That being said........

My answer to the Immunity Question is.................Frosty. I really really wanted to go with Sam, but his past challenges were mostly the result of his poor decisions. Frosty, on the other hand, as it was pointed out, was dealt heavy blow after heavy blow, and yet he's become all the stronger. Yes, it took quite a bit of time, but good things come to those who wait.

And now that my vote is cast, I will now go rub my aching head from all that thinking! :D

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This week I vote off Johnie Donne and I choose Sam as the person who went through the most difficulties. Yes, his early life was one bad decision after another, but he has had to make choices and sacrifices all the time to take care of his children in Africa and to balance that with his family life at home.



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I guess it is time for Terry to leave......

But seriously, no one faced the kind of obstacles, challenges and difficulties than Creedy .... I mean he grew up in an age where the world has been virtually demolished by fire breathing dragons....he has to live (with hundreds of others) in a hole in the ground, constantly battling for the necessities of LIFE and in the end gives his life to save the others ....

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Goodbye to TeamTerry.gif

Immunity question: I have to say that Creedy had the hardest challenges. What a world he was living in and everyday could be his last with dragons breathing down his neck and food shortages. He was a hero in the end though.

~HUGS~ Kathy

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I vote to send Terry Sheridan home.

I feel that Sam Childers faced the most obstacles in his life, he started out wrong but then began to see how he could try and put things right at the expense of his own family, at is worst moments in Africa, he could contact his wife and daughter who urged him to go on. He missed out on his own daughter growing up to fulfil his dream to save the Children of Africa.


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Ok, I guess it is time for th_gbTeamTerry_zps02c8cg8q.gif to say good-bye.....

Immunity question---uuuhhhhhmmmmm......I'm tending to agree with the Creedyth_gbTeamCreedy_zpsktlxih6s.gif followers, the time in which he lived was horrendous! Literally fighting to just survive, a prisoner to their way of life with constant, endless struggles and then sacrificing himself for others.

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I think I can't vote this week. I'm writing this just to let you know I didn't forget. There are 3 characters on the list that fit the bill and I can't vote for one and neglect others. Sam, Leo and Frosty.

If you accept partial votes - send Terry to my country. It doesn't have to be MY home/city, I'll find him no matter where he lands. If not - just disregard my vote.

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