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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry Character Survivor 2015

Lady Elissa

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Remove Leo, give him some documents and tickets and send him on his merry way to Kraków. He doesn't need more clothes, the temperature here is around 37 Celsius degrees.

Keep Frosty. I DO like him, but for now Leo will do. Maybe I get to keep Frosty next time.

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Well Johnnie is with me....and he is relieved to be off the island with all the drama gone....it almost sent him over the edge...but he is happy here with me.

KickButtkicking.pngKing LEO!!

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Oh, Gawd! How can I make this choice? Frosty has so many layers, emotions, strengths, and Gerry, I think, was able to really stretch and learn. Leo had fewer layers, but the depth Gerry reached with him was so powerful, both physically and emotionally, that I just couldn't get enough. Ok, enough stalling...I'm sending...Frosty home...(Damn, that hurt!)

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Short and sweet for me. Frosty goes home and Leo stays and becomes the King he is!!

Thanks, Elissa, for all you do making this a fun game for us to play!!


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Been busy entertaining my granddaughters this week so I am a little late to the party.

So here it goes. I vote off TeamFrosty.gif

Love Frosty but King Leonidas deserves a Championship after what he has done for Gerry's career. He is also GORGEOUS!!!

~HUGS~ Kathy

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:gah: Oh Boy!!!!!!! This is so a toss up :confused:... of course all of Gerry's characters should win....

But here goes.............so long th_gbTeamFrosty_zps5t03qlor.gif and

Hello Champ........ gerard-butler-lena.jpg



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Welcome to Gerry Character Survivor 2015

Week 25: We have a Champion! Congratulations to King Leonidas, 2015 Survivor Champion!


Hall of Champions

2007: Erik, The Phantom- POTO th_600x590.gif

2008: No Tournament

2009: Gerry Kennedy-PSILY th_PSILY2hires.jpg

2010: Andre Marek-Timeline th_GerardButler01.jpg

2011: Attila-Attila th_501x508.jpg

2012: Beowulf-Beowulf and Grendel th_greenwrap.jpg

2013: Mike Banning-Olympus Has Fallen th_ohfHDt1cap7.jpg

2014: The Stranger-Dear Frankie th_dfconnected19.jpg

2015: King Leonidas-300 th_PDVD_106.jpg


Week 1: Chaun and Lead Seaman

Week 2: Sea Captain and Cassius

Week 3: Burke and Chris Kumac

Week 4: Jacko and Peter (Little White Lies)

Week 5: Peter (Please) and Yasha
Week 6: Tim Bolton and Marty Claymore
Week 7: Gus and Charles Bellamy + Archie Brown (tie for 2nd vote)
Week 8: Jackie, Jr. and Sam (One More Kiss)
Week 9: Tullus Aufidius and Stoick
Week 10: Kable and Neil Randall
Week 11: Milo Boyd
Week 12: Frank Borghi

Week 13: Dracula

Week 14: Jack Rusoe
Week 15: One-Two
Week 16: Mike Chadway
Week 17: Alex Rover
Week 18: George Dryer
Week 19: Terry Sheridan
Week 20: Clyde Shelton
Week 21: Sam Childers
Week 22: Creedy
Week 23: Johnnie Donne
Week 24: Frosty Hesson
Thank you to all who played! See you after the first of the year for Gerry Character Survivor 2016! :)
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CONGRATS TO THE GREAT KING! :leo2: Leo, you join a verra sexy Hall Of Champions!

Elissa, thank you for all your hard work. :thankyou: I know this contest took many hours out of your week, and all you did was much appreciated. :thewoman::yourock:

Hugs, Suzie

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