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Gerard Butler GALS

Hot New Gerry News/Photos/Videos go to gbgals.com


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Hot Gerry News, Photos and Videos will now be posted exclusively on the main website and no longer on the forum.

Responses may be made in the Comments section under each article at Gerard Butler GALS.

Please PM or email an admin or mod if you found Gerry news we don't have.

Remember to bookmark:


or key into your browser's address bar: gbgals.com

The Butler News will remain on the Forum as the 'archive' of news/photos/videos pre 2015.

To comment on a new Photo (or News item):

There is some confusion on photo-drooling procedures with the new Gallery/Format. While we appreciate the comments on the Home posts, if you want to gush and giggle and share the latest G photos,

Do it here, on the Forum! Just start a new topic thread, under All Things Gerry (under the subforums block) if it's 'open board' approved...otherwise in Over 18, as in the past!
No need to post on the photos in the Gallery, that is better for 'strangers' and 'lurkers' who aren't GALS. We can keep our embarrassing-to-our-family comments safely secure on the Forum! :claphands:

You can copy the photo thumb from the Gallery and paste it into the post directly for drooling OR 'save' to Photobucket, etc. and then add the thumb to the post. :D

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I wonder if Gerry's Assistant, Amy, needs an assistant. I'd just like to say, I am ready to step up and help her out any time! You know, if she needs anyone to travel with Gerry or wash his car or anything, she can just call me!

Available Suzie

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