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Gerard Butler GALS

Our Gift to Mary's Meals for 2015 is...


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First, I apologize PROFUSELY for the delay in posting this information. Mrs. Becozy has sent me several "gentle reminders" to make this post, and I've simply been overwhelmed in real life. I beg your forgiveness. While I'm begging for forgiveness, I'm send THANKS to everyone who contributed.

Here is the accounting of the Paypal Account Activity 11/01/15 - 11/30/15 for - giftsinhonorofgerardbutler@gmail.com

12/01/15 Money received $290.85

11/27/15 Money received $ 10.00
11/23/15 Money received $100.00
11/19/15 Money received $ 25.00
11/13/15 Money received $ 13.00
11/10/15 Money received Kc800 CZK (or $31.15 USD)
11/07/15 Money received $ 20.00
11/03/15 Money received $ 20.00

Total collected................ $500.00

Once I receive the receipt from Mary's Meals, I'll post a picture of it and will submit a copy to Mrs. B. While this is not the most money we've collected for a good cause, every penny has been given with a joyful heart. May Mary's Meals benefit greatly from the gift of love.


Holly aka Spot

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