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Gerard Butler GALS

Saw Gerry in the rain at the premier of Gods of Egypt.

Celtic Star

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Yesterday in the rain and wind, we stood for hours inside and out of the Lincoln Square AMC theater in New York, watching the red carpet tent go up, talk to the crew and wander around the theater which has multiple flights and theaters within the building. IMAX on the 4th. floor for example. One of the new came over to us and spoke about "what a nice guy Gerry was" having worked on the set up at the Ziegfeld Theater for "The Bounty Hunter. "

The premier Gerry's Gods of Egypt was to take place there later in the evening. Barricades were up, lines on the other side were there for VIP pick up tickets and those holding the free tickets that had been given out previously.In the meantime, movies throughout the theater went on. Seems to be open from very early in the day until late.

The tent was completely closed all around because of the weather. and not accessible except through the from door or around the back, only to those who were supposed to be there.

The photographers had arrived earlier and were set up and ready to shoot. They wandered in and out of the tent as need be.

The security crew had blocked off parts of the lobby from public viewing and ropes were put up to herd the guests how and where to proceed. First for the cameras then to the second floor where the movie would be shown.

VIP guest and stars began arriving in their Escalades about 6:00. Auxiliary police were everywhere directing traffic and pedestrians passing the tent. There was also a rumor that there would be a group that would be protesting the film as " no Egyptian actors had been used" No one showed up.

Security was there with umbrellas to assist the stars out of their cars and into the tent which had doors.....lots of beautiful women dressed to in beautiful outfits, the director came over to talk to us when he arrived and we got a fast look at the co star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau wearing a bit of stubble.

The movie was supposed to start at 7:00 and Gerry hadn't arrived yet. His car finally pulled up at 7:30....he got out and saw us and rain & all came over. Dressed beautifully and with a bit of stubble himself. I decided not to take a pix as it's hard to balance pix, marker, gloves,etc. I really wanted him to sign my photo of his block on the path at Culloden Battlefield, Scotland. he did, remarking how "depressing a place it was."I said it was a very sad place knowing what had happened there in 1746. I said he could keep the marker for the next one and he stepped away to take a pix with my friend Kathleen.


We left soon after, very happy campers. Several of the police came over to us happy we had seen Gerry and got what we wanted.

The rain was worse when we got home to Long Island but we didn't care!

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Thank you for sharing your up close and personal experience with Gerry. Was this your first premiere or have you been to others and have met Gerry before?

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Thank you for sharing your up close and personal experience with Gerry. Was this your first premiere or have you been to others and have met Gerry before?

Hi Irish,

yes I've met him several times...at the filming on Long Island for the Bounty Hunter, at the Bounty Hunter Premier, at Playing For Keeps premier and he's been an absolute doll each time. At the Bounty Hunter filming, he stayed around to sign autographs and take pics with the fans. At Playing for Keeps,he sent his assistant to invite every one in to see the film. Most times it's impossible to get tickets to a premier.

I have never heard any thing negative said about him and he does go out of his way to be nice.

Hi Camille,

Glad you got Gerry to sign your photo and had a good evening. Thanks for sharing your story.


Hi Stuart,

I had been to Scotland this past summer and really wanted to get him to sign the photo I took at the Battlefield.I wish I had had more time to discuss this with him and tell him how much i loved his country but he was late coming and there were other fans waiting for him......maybe next time!!

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Hi Everyone!

I went to the premier with Camille aka Celtic Star. She explained the events of the day perfectly. It was a very long day, but it paid off because we got to see Gerry! This is the second time that I have met him and I couldn't be more happier and feel more blessed than I do.

The weather was so bad. There were torrential downpours, thunder, lighting and heavy winds, but Gerry managed to take a few moments to come over and say hi. He's awesome!

When he stepped out of his car my breath caught in my throat because it's pretty intense when a person who you admire is so close.

He walked over and signed Camilled photo. I was a little nervous about speaking to him, but then I remembered how nice he is to his fans, so I just went for it. I asked him to take a photo with me and he obliged. I'll try to post it here.

I'm a pretty emotional person. It's just the way I am. So, after we met Gerry, I teared up little. I kept saying over and over "he's so handsome." LOL.

It's just a little great moment. I know there are so many people that want to meet him and my wish is that they do. They will not be dissapointed.

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WOW Camille..... that's because you live on Long Island..... :tissues: :tissues: if only I still lived in Farmingdale I could go with you and get to see the man~

I'm happy for you and Kathleen though.

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