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A Family Man going to DirectTV in May....no big screen!

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Oh - I hope that's the difference.    Wonder why they changed it to a name so similar to another new movie?    I don't remember where I saw it - maybe in USA Today.....in the entertainment section.   


I found it - a friend sent it to me - it was in Yahoo news, I guess.   Here's the link: 

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Well, heck! I didn't read the article attached to the trailer. Thanks to Blue Jean And lugerry for pointing out this sad bit of info...

"A Family Man premiered at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival and opens in May as a DirectTV exclusive."




No big screen views? :soangry:

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At least those with Direct TV will get to see it. Maybe if it does well it will be shown by other tv providers. I hope they release it to DVD/BluRay at some point. Poor Gerry just can't seem to catch a break these days. :crybaby:

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His latest projects seem to be rife with re-writes and re-shoots.  :inshade: 


It's a shame how projects start off as one thing and end up something entirely different.  (For instance, the Bounty Hunter script we auctioned in Vegas was a LOT different than what actually appeared on screen.  "Butterfly on a Wheel/Shattered" suffered quite the metamorphosis, too.  Headhunter started off as a thriller, and appears to have morphed into tear-jerking drama.  I don't think anyone knows what Geostorm is yet. :titanic:)


At least he appears to be having fun with the cast and crew of Den of Thieves these days.  Hopefully, that one will have [Gerry's] legs!

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