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How To: Save images/photos on Forum and GALS FB/Instagram


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Many people do a screenshot, and then edit it in Paint or other photo editing software.  There is a Print Screen button, usually top right of keyboard (PrtSc), click that.  Open the saved photo in photo editing program, and 'crop' to get just the photo.

4 Ways to Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Windows - wikiHow

Traditional method, for most photos on the site, hover the cursor over the image, right click, click 'save image as'

This will open to your computer and you can add it to the appropriate folder in Pictures.


Easiest is to have your photo folder open in a separate window, and drag and drop the photo from the browser into the desktop/folder!


For Facebook:  You can do the traditional method, but to get the original size image, under the image in the Theater view, click 'options' and then choose "Download". 


For Instagram:  It takes a bit of effort to do this. 

In your browser go to Tools/Page Info/Media


in the view that opens, scroll down until you find the photo (Image) you want which will be highlighted in blue, choose 'save as'


There is a great tutorial: http://www.wikihow.com/Save-a-Picture-from-Instagram


There are many free tutorials and info via Google search for Android and iPhone, and other Browsers besides Firefox, and other types of OS.


If you're stuck and need an image, please feel free to PM me!  :D


Just a reminder:  Any photos you post/share to GALS Forum need to be shared from your own account at a photosharing site, such as Photobucket.







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