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2017 Gerry MOVIE Survivor Game

Lady Elissa

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A new game! Welcome to the 2017 Edition of Gerry Movie Survivor!


Week 24- Immunity Challenge: Final week of the Vault


Gerry's movies are all waiting to be shown in a film festival. In weeks 11-24 (or until 10 movies remain) vote ONE OFF, and vote ONE for IMMUNITY by sending it to the VAULT. The movie with the most votes for the vault in one week will be immune from elimination the following week. The movie with the most trips to the vault will receive an extra week of immunity at the end of this round of play. Vote by posting your choices TO BE ELIMINATED and for IMMUNITY on this thread. You are to consider each film as a WHOLE (plot, costuming, chemistry between co-stars, etc.) NOT just Gerry’s performance, in deciding which film to vote off.


Voting will end each Sunday at 8pm Pacific Time, 10pm Central time, and 11pm Eastern time. NO LATE VOTES WILL BE ACCEPTED.


Eliminated last week was: The Jury. The winners of the Vault (immunity) were: Phantom of the Opera and PS I Love You. They are immune from elimination this week.


Week 24

In no specific order, here are our movie competitors. Please vote ONE OFF. Please vote ONE for the VAULT (Immunity). Please make your vote very clear. For example: "I vote off movie A. I vote movie B to the Vault for immunity." You may state why you chose these movies for elimination or immunity, but you are not required to do so.


Chasing Mavericks

Dear Frankie

Machine Gun Preacher


P. S. I Love You - Immune

Phantom of the Opera - Immune

Beowulf & Grendel



Olympus Has Fallen

London Has Fallen



Week 1   Movie 43 and Tale of the Mummy

Week  2  Fast Food and The Cherry Orchard

Week  3  Tale of the Black Freighter and The Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rock Star

Week  4  An Unsuitable Job for a Woman and Little White Lies

Week  5  Please and Tomorrow Never Dies

Week  6  Harrison's Flowers and Shooters

Week  7  Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married and Jewel of the Sahara

Week  8  Gamer and One More Kiss

Week  9  Coriolanus and Gods of Egypt

Week 10 Shattered and Mrs. Brown

Week 11 The Bounty Hunter

Week 12 Miracle Match (Game of Their Lives)

Week 13 How to Train Your Dragon -2

Week 14 Nim's Island

Week 15 How to Train Your Dragon -1

Week 16 Reign of Fire

Week 17 Dracula 2000

Week 18 Law Abiding Citizen

Week 19 The Ugly Truth

Week 20 RockNRolla

Week 21 Playing for Keeps

Week 22 Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

Week 23 The Jury

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:crybaby: oh Johnnie, I think the Jury was one of your best....we can be jurists together....come to mama....


Well, it's still the same for me.....goodbye 300 and PSILY to the vault.

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