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OK, this week I vote off London Has Fallen but wish I didn't have to vote off anything!  As for the Immunity  question, I adored the relationship between Marek and Lady Claire. The chemistry between Gerry  and Anna was smoking hot and believable.   Marek's and Lady Clair's love story lasted their whole lives as shown on their tomb.  So beautiful!  So my answer is Timeline.



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Oh man......You really do ask the toughies! 

I agree about saying good bye to London Has Fallen....

As for the Immunity Question.....GAA!  It's a three-way tie for me between PS I Love You, Timeline, and Dear Frankie.  But I think when it comes down to it....and I *really* hate to make this choice!!! (I know, I know, 'I try your patience' :P ) I'm going to have to say  Dear Frankie.  They just had so much chemistry that doorway scene extremely torturous, the ending even more so!  Glad it leaves it open for a sequel or at least the viewers to hope/dream!

But if you ask me later, I'd be sure to wholeheartedly agree with any arguments for the other two in my 'tie'!

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Got your vote to boot off Beowulf & Grendel, but there is no more Vault. Here is the Immunity Question copied over from page 7 if you'd like to answer it. :)


Optional Immunity Question: In which movie did Gerry and his leading lady have the best chemistry together on the screen? Why do you think so?


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I’m voting OFF Beowulf and Grendel. For Immunity, I loved the chemistry between Holly and Gerry in P S I Love You❣️  They were so cute together, meeting on that windy road in Ireland and again at the pub as Gerry sang to her. It was meant to be...and they really loved each other as they started their married life together. And they had the ultimate connection from beyond the grave, as Holly still received poignant notes from Gerry encouraging and supporting her❣️

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Voting off Olympus Has Fallen. I think Leonidas and Gorgo had the best Chemistry on screen. Leonidas’s scene before his death speaking of his wife was very touching and Gorgo’s scene when she knew he died was so believable. They were very believable as a couple. They acted as one. 


~HUGS~ Kathy

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I vote off London has Fallen.      The immunity question is difficult to answer.    I have always thought Gerry's best on-screen kisses were with Holly (nos. 2 & 3) and Rose.

Guess I'll go with Rose (The Jury). 

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I agree with most of you that it's time to say good-bye to London Has Fallen. As for the Immunity Question, I concur with everything Suzie said about Timeline. The chemistry between Gerry and Anna was amazing! The love story of Andre Marek and Lady Claire was literally one for all time. So, my answer is Timeline. :love:

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I'm voting off Beowulf & Grendel.  As for the immunity question this is a hard one.  I think that Marek & Claire in Timeline had the best chemistry - their love was so strong.  You couldn't not noticed it in all of their scenes. 

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Week 27- Immunity Questions continue


Gerry's movies are all waiting to be shown in a film festival. In weeks 25-29 (or until 5 movies remain), vote ONE movie OFF. You may also answer the Immunity Question of the week, but it is not required. The movie that is named most often as the "answer" to the question will be immune from elimination the following week. Vote by posting your choices TO BE ELIMINATED and answers to the IMMUNITY Questions on this thread. You are to consider each film as a WHOLE (plot, costuming, chemistry between co-stars, etc.) NOT just Gerry’s performance, in deciding which film to vote off.


Voting will end each Sunday at 8pm Pacific Time, 10pm Central time, and 11pm Eastern time. NO LATE VOTES WILL BE ACCEPTED.


Eliminated last week was: London Has Fallen. The winners of the Immunity Question were Timeline and Dear Frankie (tie). They are immune from elimination this week. 


Week 27

In no specific order, here are our movie competitors. Please vote ONE OFF. Optional Immunity Question: Which movie had the best plot? Why do you think so? Please note that the ONLY path to immunity is the immunity question.


Friendly reminder:  It's not how many weeks you vote a movie off that counts, it's how many other players vote the same way in one week that counts  :rockon:


Dear Frankie - Immune


P. S. I Love You 

The Jury 

Beowulf & Grendel

Timeline - Immune


Olympus Has Fallen



Week 1:  Movie 43 and Tomorrow Never Dies

Week 2:  Tale of the Mummy; Harrison's Flowers and The Cherry Orchard (tie for 2nd place)

Week  3:  Fast Food and Little White Lies

Week  4:  An Unsuitable Job for a Woman and Please!

Week  5:  The Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rock Star and Tale of the Black Freighter

Week  6:  Shooters, Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married, and Jewel of the Sahara (tie for 2nd place)

Week  7:  Gamer and Coriolanus

Week  8:  How to Train Your Dragon- 1 and 2

Week  9:  The Bounty Hunter,  Dracula 2000, and Shattered (tie for 2nd place)

Week 10: One More Kiss

Week 11: Mrs. Brown

Week 12: Reign of Fire

Week 13: A Family Man (Headhunters Calling)

Week 14: Rock'n'Rolla

Week 15: Gods of Egypt

Week 16: Miracle Match (Game of Their Lives)

Week 17: Playing for Keeps

Week 18: Law Abiding Citizen

Week 19: Lara Croft, Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

Week 20: Nim's Island

Week 21: The Ugly Truth

Week 22: Geostorm

Week 23: Chasing Mavericks

Week 24: Den of Thieves

Week 25: Machine Gun Preacher

Week 26: London Has Fallen

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This week, even though I adore Wulfy, I have to say goodbye to Beowulf and Grendel.  As far as which movie had the best plot, I have to say Dear Frankie had a fabulous plot with awesome interaction between the cast  and left the ending open for so much speculation.  Brilliant!



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OH NO Suzie, not my Beowulf! Oh well, I guess it is inevitable. Carrying on, I vote off Olympus Has Fallen, regrettably. I think Dear Frankie had the best plot because it was realistic to the problems of single parenting and the struggles and emotional scars left behind and how much a mother wants to protect her child. The ending was realistic too and not a fantasy ending, although in my mind the stranger came back.


~HUGS~ Kathy

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This week I say it's time to say good bye to Olympus Has Fallen...With London Has Fallen gone it's time to yank off the rest of the band aid, so to speak.  **sniffle**

The Immunity Question is pretty easy for me...Aside from Timeline(which would make this question difficult if it weren't already immune), I definitely want to say PS I Love You has the best plot..Though it's still extremely sad, it's got everything I love in a good, sweet story: beginning, middle, and satisfying end that gives closure.  It's got great character development and lessons to be learned, albeit hard, but also great fun and humor throughout.  Like I said, there's a reason why I keep going back to it over and over again!

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