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Gerard Butler GALS

Asking for prayers for Lugerry's 10/30/19 surgery


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Calling all GALS & PALS friends and prayer warriors!

Our dear Lugerry is having surgery on Wed. 10/30.

It is a serious surgery and Barbara would appreciate our prayers and good thoughts. She's a firm believer

in the power of prayer and asks if we would help her get through this. 


She will be in the hospital for 3-4 days. Her cousin Loretta will be keeping her company during her recovery

(and possibly re-arranging the kitchen cupboards again), so at least Barbara will not be alone.


As soon as she is able, she will let us know how she is fairing.


Thanks to all for your continued support for Barbara.


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As always, sending out prayers for you Barbara. You are in my thoughts as well as included in my prayers. A big hug goes to Loretta for being there for you as always! Bless her giving heart. God Bless you Barbara and I pray you get a speedy recovery after a successful surgery. ❤️

HUGS, Kathy

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Update 11/1:
I heard from lugerry/Barbara this morning.
The surgery went smoothly,and she is going home today!
As soon as she is able, she will update us on her recovery.
Thanks for the prayers and well wishes ❤️ for her.
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