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Gerard Butler GALS

Celebrate Gerry's 50th Birthday with a contribution to Mary's Meals (thru 12/31/19)


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What does one get for The Man who has everything? How about a Mary's Meals school sponsorship? We're aiming VERY HIGH for GERARD BUTLER'S 50TH BIRTHDAY!! Our goal? To sponsor a Mary's Meal school, for a year, IN GERRY'S NAME. Until 12/31/2019, we hope to raise over $5,000. (If we don't meet this lofty goal, Mary's Meals will use the funds to feed individual children.) We can think of no better way to honor Gerry than to provide for hungry children! So... are ye in? Click through to contribute directly to Mary's Meals:


$809.64 raised towards our $5,000.00 target as of 11/21.
Help us reach our goal! 




~The Admins and Mods


P.S. Shout out of thanks to Holly/Spot for setting this up :thankyou:


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The fundraising has stalled!


Please consider a donation - every penny counts, and it all goes directly to Mary's Meals for the GALS fundraiser honoring Gerry's 50th!


We know money is 'tight' - but if every member sent in whatever they could afford we would reach the $5,000 goal! ;)


:ty: to those who have been able to contribute.



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