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How to Follow Topic/Thread and Receive Notices


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The latest forum update seems to have caused a glitch in notifications for topics/threads that you follow.  Please check that you have the following enabled.  I will ask Dayna to check the settings in the Admin Control Panel to see if that can resolve the issue. 


Follow thread.jpg


How to Follow.jpg

Screenshot_2020-02-12 Notification Settings - Gerard Butler GALS.png

Notify Me of Reply in Reply Workspace.jpg

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Rayna has contributed that her Browser Notifications showed "not allowed"

I don't know why anyone's settings would change. Browsers (Firefox, Chrome, etc) have had security updates and new versions recently, so perhaps the settings were inadvertently changed.   It didn't occur to me that that could be the issue, since the example I posted - from my own account - showed  Browser Notifications Allowed in a green box with a check mark. Thank you Rayna for noticing yours had a RED box :D


That is a setting each person has to adjust on their individual devices - go into browser security settings

and choose "allow notifications" for GALS.

In Firefox (which our site is designed for):

Tools/Options/Privacy&Security and then

scroll to Permissions and go to Notifications

click on Settings and if www.gerardbutlergals.com isn't listed, you can add it in the entry field. click "Save Changes" and it should be good to go.


There have been updates to Firefox and other browsers, so perhaps that's when it went astray. I'm not sure, exactly, but the Notifications are going out from our server

(screen capture of our ACP)

. Screenshot_2020-02-28 WhoSaid_notifications.png



I hope you will be able to get it adjusted and start receiving notices!


Thank you, Rayna!

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